Who’s Hiring? Week of 9/25/09
Outside Looking In - Dealing with Job Loss

Rants: Economy And Jobs, Resumes, Job Descriptions, War For Talent And Wisconsin Badgers

I never get the things out of my head that are bothering me into a blog post like I want to so rather than a bunch of blog posts that will never get fully written how about a few items and thoughts.

Tell me what you think. Do you share these? Am I right, wrong or need to be medicated?

I hope this helps me sleep tonight.

Economy And Jobs

“Economic Rebound” and “Job Creation” I am an optimist. My glass is half full usually spilling over. But this recovery and job creation is overblown hype. Yes the stock market is “back” but it has likely hit a ceiling for now. That’s how this recovery thing work. Jobs being created? Sure. How many jobs do we need to create to get all those who are currently looking or will yet be laid off back to work? We need to create 5 million or 10 million jobs? In awesome economic times we create, what, around 150 - 200 thousand in a month? Do the math. This is going to take a while and if this is a jobless recovery like that last recession, oh boy. Enough with the hyperbole.

Resumes Suck

  • Most people suck at writing resumes
  • Most companies spend little time reading them
  • Give a resume to 5 Recruiter/HR folk and you may get 5 different reactions
  • 1 page resume or 2? This one really gets me going
  • Rules? There are no rules. There may be some best practices
  • I do not have a viable alternative to this process and before some software or tech company says they have the answer you don’t. The last thing we need is some gadget to make this highly personal process (well it should be) any more less so

Job Descriptions Suck

  • Most Hiring Managers have no clue what they really want or if the do they have unreasonable expectations
  • Most read like a tech specification for an iPod. Boring and lame
  • Seriously Recruiters/HR/Hiring Managers, write a job description that engages people rather than put them to sleep
  • If I see one more that says 7 years needed with a skill set that has only been around for 5 years I am going to punch some one/thing

War For Talent

Remember back in the good old days (2-4 years ago) when companies were all raging about how they could not find talented employees? How they were all concerned about Baby Boomers retiring and the knowledge that would walk out the door? How they needed to figure out how to attract Gen Y? Well, why are the older and younger workers the ones who are most impacted by this recession? Was this hype?

Moving on: So we have enough people but not enough people skilled in the right areas. Who is going to teach/train these folks? Companies, schools or some new government program? We have to figure this one out before the economic distance between the haves/have not’s in this country widens more.

Wisconsin Badgers

My Minnesota Golden Gophers play the Wisconsin Badgers this Saturday at TCF Bank Stadium. I enjoy a good rivalry but this game is amped up way more than usual. I get many Gopher fans are starting to have “issues” after having lost the last 6 to Bucky Badger for Paul Bunyan’s Axe. And I get that Bucky has a pretty huge ego right about now. But the trash talk has gotten a bit personal this week and the Badger faithful are slinging a lot of “stuff”. I want to win this game really, really bad. No really. Really, really bad. Should the Gophers win Saturday I may become an A-Hole for a few days while I pay back our friends to the east.

Go Gophers!!!

Minnesota Golden Gophers vs Wisconsin Badgers


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