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Twitter Is A Silver Bullet: Do You Know Anyone Who Has Said That?

I need some help. Do you know of any articles, podcasts, blog posts, etc where a truly knowledgeable, experienced and practicing professional in any industry has said Twitter is the end all?

Here is why I ask. I am doing research for an article I am writing and a well known Recruiter/HR guy is poo pooing the use of Twitter and Social Networking sites in general. And he keeps talking about how people are talking about Twitter as the end all of recruiting much like people spoke about and the job boards in the late 90’s.

The thing is I cannot find who this person’s sources are.

Sure a lot of folks are talking about this revolutionary new tool (memo, Twitter has been around a while) and how it can help companies, marketers and yes recruiters get their message out and find people to “sell” but I have not seen anyone say it is the end all.

Can you point me to any credible person in or outside of the Recruiter/HR world who says Twitter will change the axis of our planet?


Amybeth Hale

There's a woman who keeps doing the same thing, and she's been asked to provide links to those who have been saying it and so far - nothing. I think those who are they naysayers are simply doing it for the shock value at this point and they don't want to admit that they were incorrect. You and I (and everyone else for that matter) know that no one tool is going to revolutionize our work so much that it would obliterate the others. Good luck - I will be waiting with bated breath for this post from you!

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