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2 FREE Online Seminars: Job Search Tool Kit September 9th | LinkedIn A-Z September 10th

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For those not familiar with me and are wondering if a session(s) would be a good use of your time I am an IT Recruiter with 11 years if experience and have been speaking to groups of all ages and skill sets in groups of 20-200 and now online for 7 years.

Here is some background on presentations and interviews I have been a part of and recognition as a Minnesota Social Media Innovator:

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All presentations are 60-90 minutes with a Q&A that follows.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to attend the sessions during these times (or are seeing this post after sessions have been held) either click MN Headhunter Blog or Be Your Own Headhunter where you will find a calendar of upcoming events or register anyway so you can get the slides via email.

September 9th, 1 PM CDT

Job Search Toolkit - Be Your Own Headhunter

Economic and labor statistics and projections show that while the economy may be coming back the employment market will lag more than previous recessions and worse, many are predicting a jobless recovery.

This is session is for those in a job search or those thinking either by choice or force they will be doing one soon.

If you are wondering how to create/use your network, how to find the hidden job market, be more aggressive with your job search approach or are relying on job boards to find jobs to apply to then this session is for you.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Plan your job search
  • How to market yourself
  • Ways to ask for referrals and advice
  • Where to find the hidden job market
  • Where to research companies
  • How to find contact names and email addresses
  • Tips on using email and phone for contacting and follow up

To register click: Job Search Toolkit - Be Your Own Headhunter


September 10th, 1 PM CDT

LinkedIn A to Z - Use LinkedIn Like A Headhunter

There is a big difference between “being on LinkedIn” and “using LinkedIn.”

Whether you are using LinkedIn as a job seeker, recruiter, sales person or for general networking purposes this presentation will show you how to:

  • Create and optimize your profile
  • Create your personal URL
  • Connect with and expand your network
  • Find and participate in groups
  • Research companies
  • Use Google to see all of LinkedIn, not just your 3 degrees
  • Write and ask for recommendations
  • Participate in Questions and Answers
  • Search for names using keywords, title, company, skill set and location
  • Search strings will be included
  • Avoid pitfalls

To register click LinkedIn A to Z - Use LinkedIn Like A Headhunter

If you are seeing this blog post after the sessions have taken place click Be Your Own Headhunter for latest announcements or MN Headhunter to return to the front page for the current schedule


Mark Schuster


As I had your initial technical problems signing in just prior to 1 PM CDT on 9/10, I connected and could see the webinar presentation and called in via the phone number with the audio code, so could hear you. However, I couldn't get the question block back or reach you via the phone, so maybe others had this problem too. Just a thought for next time.

One thing on recommendations: Have been told to focus on first six to eight words, as they are usually truncated past that in profiles when people do quick searches. Do you agree or is non-issue?

Overall was very informative and will use your suggestions to expand my use, look to take your upcoming job search session and definitely recommend your services to fellow job seekers. FYI My original contact to learn of your services was Rich Kenny, a Right Management classmate of mine.

Thanks again,
Mark Schuster

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