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Twitter, LiveJournal And Facebook Down? Sending A Smoke Signal

9 AM ORIGINAL POST (see updates below you may have seen on Twitter if it was working)

OH NO!!!

This is just a short funny post while I wonder what all of my social networking addicted friends are doing without their favorite sites.

I have no idea what someone had for breakfast. Or how rush hour traffic is. Worse, I just realized that I do not have an email address (yeah I know I can get it through a Google search) for a reporter I have been “speaking” with.

Or now I may have to fire up my RSS Reader and see news I would for the most part get through friends on Twitter linking to them.

Damn, what I am I going to do with my time now? Uhh, work. Like usual.

The immediacy of the social network sites makes writing a blog post feel like sending a smoke signal or the Pony Express.

What will be really funny is all the folks going back to Twitter talking about how Twitter failed and then all those messages crashing the system.

Or maybe this is an “attack” on social network sites in general. Could the Internet be down?

As my Grandma would say, “Uff Da”.

9:10 AM

  • I took a shower (not really, I mean I did, but I have never said such a thing on Twitter. Feels OK to do it here)

9:14 AM

  • This feels like a Jericho episode

9:16 AM

9:20 AM

  • Facebook is not so much down as not working right or consistent

9:47 AM

  • It gets awkwardly quiet when the construction guys get their mid morning break

9:49 AM

  • Yesterday I passed 600 subscribers to the RSS Feed. Thank you for your interest and support

9:52 AM

9:59 AM

  • CNBC runs a “News Alert” that Twitter is down. Whew, glad they are on top of this (said sarcastically)

10:06 AM

  • TweetDeck is showing some Tweets but the Twitter site is not
  • Seeing some wide estimates for tomorrow’s job numbers

10:24 AM

  • Whew, it seems as if the social networking world is coming back to normal



I couldn't find out why twitter was down, because....well...twitter was down.

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