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This post is created out of two events that occurred in the last 45 minutes and rather than think about it, wonder what it means or trying to create a really smart post I am going to write and post and other than a grammar/spell check making no edits.

To the last part of the title CNBC is buzzing the past day or so about how the government has said the deficit has increased by 2 more trillion dollars than first estimated. Yikes.

To the first part of the title, a guy I sort of know is a recruiter and sends me an email asking why his job post tweets are getting little traffic and worse why his follower numbers are decreasing.

Going back to a comment I made earlier this spring in a few different chats, in my opinion recruiters (and lots of other folks) make a mistake with Twitter, Facebook and other sites by not contributing to a community or group before making a withdrawal.

My opinion is that one needs to invest in a group by offering advice, links and other information that can be useful to others and do this over a period of time before asking for something. Call it being a good citizen or netizen.

Sure you can treat your presence on these sites like a billboard but really, do we need any more of these folks? If you want to “Spam” everyone great but ask yourself if you lose more than you gain. And to the recruiters yes you may make a placement today and next month but at what point in time does your well go dry?

Or try from this angle, would you follow you?

The problem with the recruiter is he tweets 3 slightly different messages each 3 times a day. He schedules them in advance (which I applaud) but always at the top of an hour so when you see his stream you see a repeating string of tweets spaced 2 hours apart.

Uhh, that may be OK if you are using the account as a business (and even then I question it) but as an individual you are now one of “those guys.” You know, the guy who it is all about them.

So go back and look at your Tweets and Facebook updates and ask yourself this question, “would you want to follow you?”

Are you investing in your friends and followers and participating in a community or are you just making withdrawals?


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