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Paul DeBettignies Included On Minnesota Social Media Innovator Lists

Minnesota Social Media Innovator

The Minneapolis and St Paul area has one of the strongest marketing, public relations and social media communities in the country. What sets the Twin Cities apart from most cities is the open collaboration we see from firms and individuals and the ongoing learning that takes place with the areas many organizations and events.

Arik Hanson (@arikhanson) who writes the Communications Conversations blog took nominations to find a list of social media innovators and came up with this list Top 20 Minnesota Social Media Innovators.

I am very humbled that I was included in the list.

Just as cool is that there is another Minnesota recruiter on the list, Joshua Kahn (@joshuakahn) who writes the find+attract blog.

My friend Meg Canada was one of my nominators and the best part is that what she said about me had nothing to do with me being a recruiter:

“Who supports his community teaching people how to use social media for job searching during the economic downturn.”

That means a lot to me. Yeah, the day job matters but being recognized for my volunteer work is very special.

I strongly urge you to take a look at Arik’s first blog post announcing his effort and the comments/nominations that were placed Top 20 Twin Cities social media innovators. Many people were nominated and this is a highly talented group.

David Erickson (@derickson) who writes the e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog created his list with My List Of The Top Minnesota Social Media Innovators

I was included on this list as well, this time for my professional work:

“He’s leading the way in the recruiting industry.”

Be sure to follow the folks on the lists through Twitter, blogs etc. Reach out and introduce yourself to them, they are good people doing good things.

Too bad there is not a competition of some sort as I would love to put up our Minneapolis/St. Paul community versus any other in the country.


HR Minion

Congrats and well-deserved! :)

Lisa Rosendahl


Keith Privette

Congratulations Paul! to use a term from @amysbryant you are the leader in "Other Serving" in your initiatives. Do you have any success stories that have been given back to you based on the people you have helped with your webinars?

This could serve as an inspiration to others on how to be social not just for yourself (sometimes selfishness for your own career aspirations is ok!)within their communities.

Keep up the inrediable job you are doing!

Tiffany Williams

congrats.. this comes as no surprise to me.. as long as I have known you , you have been a leader in this area and have helped to inspire me!


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