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Job Search Materials - Are Yours Up To Date?

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From: CareerAlley

When was the last time you checked and updated your job search materials (resume, cover letters, references, thank you letters, network contact list, etc.)? Resumes are always a work in progress and should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. First, you may have versions of your resume depending on the type of job opportunities and second, you need to post fresh resumes (even if only one word has changed). Today's post will focus on job search materials resources.

  • Seven Steps to a Successful Job Search - This resource, prepared and offered by the Borough of Manhattan Communitiy College's Career Center, is an excellent seven step process for ensuring you have all of the tools and are fully prepared for your job search. While some aspects of this may be more beneficial to students or recent grads, there are many points which can be useful to everyone, especially if you are thinking about changing your career. Don't forget your own college career center, many have both on-site and website support.
  • Resume writing, cover letters and other job search materials - This article, from, provides useful information for your job hunt. While the information on this site was written as a "why use us" for this website, all of the information is useful in a general sense. You can move from screen to screen by using the "Next" links at the top left and bottom of the screens. The topics cover the "right job" vs. just an okay job, career fields, "plan of attack", interviewing, networking and so much more.
  • Rebounding After a Layoff - This information, provided by, is timely for many of us. The information on this link provides a tutorial for getting back on track after losing your job. Topics such as finalizing your job search materials (resume, cover letter, elevator speech, and networking), a resume critique and so much more. Additional links are provided on the left hand side of the screen, as well as related tabs at the top of the page. You should explore this entire website as part of your job search process.
  • Job Search Materials - This link leads to a PowerPoint presentation (not a website). The presentation has been provided by the University of Maryland's Career Service Center (this link is a website). This is an excellent presentation and provides 34 pages of material on cover letters, resumes, thank you letters and other letters. The presentation provides detailed very useful steps for all of your material and is certainly worth a read. You should also visit their career center (the link above).
  • Common Job Search Mistakes and How to Avoid Them - This excellent article is provided via's education website. The article is fairly short, but provides some useful information for your job search. There are additional links on the right hand side of the page which you may find interesting (although not specifically job search related). Lastly, there is a link at the bottom of the page for the Creative Group's website which specializes in Marketing and Advertising (which makes sense if you are a power user of Adobe's products) career/job search.
Good luck in your search.

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