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TCF Bank Stadium: New Home For The University Of Minnesota Golden Gophers Football Team




yyyyeeeeaaAAAAHHHH!!!!! Gophers


OK, it has been a really long time since I posted anything about Minnesota Golden Gopher Football here. When I started this blog 4+ years ago Gopher football was a part of it but for some it was annoying. Especially after then Head Coach Glen Mason was fired and through the hiring of current Head Coach Tim Brewster.

I blogged more about the head coach job search than my day job.

So I started Gopher The Roses and put content there instead. Problem is, it is really hard to publish two blogs. And once I had the domain and a site up I felt it needed to be done right. But time has not been on my side.

I am debating posting Gopher football stuff here again. Not with the same regularity as before but a way to get some cool stuff on the Internet without the weight of another blog.

For now I will cross post some material and see how it goes.

For regular readers of MN Headhunter if you get annoyed, let me know.

So my first post is going to about the new TCF Bank Stadium, finally we are back on campus. Kickoff is September 12th, 6 pm against the Air Force. Sounds like we will have a sweet fly over prior to the game.

At some other point I may talk about what game day may be like, volunteering on the tailgate committee (still wondering why we never did a “practice” tailgate) and what it was like waiting for my time to pick seats.

But for now enjoy this video showing a mostly complete interior of the new TCF Bank Stadium.

Go Gophers!!!


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Can't wait until September 12th!! Finally football back on campus and outside!!!

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