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So Many Job Boards, So Little Time

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From: CareerAlley

If you think that it feels like there are an endless number of job search boards, you are not alone. While they are not endless, there are way too many. Of course, not every job board is for everyone (and not every job board is worth the time). That being said, job boards should be a regular part of your job search for several reasons. The obvious one is job search, the less obvious is that that job boards are where both employers and recruiters look for candidates.

  • - Okay, you've probably guess the focus of this job board, but it is probably a little broader than you would think. The main page is split between job seekers (left hand side) and employers (right hand side). The far right hand side of the page has featured jobs. The site has free registration, click on post your resume to join or search jobs. There are over 1,000 employers registered on the site and, according to the site, more than 57,000 jobs. You must register to search, but it is free.
  • - Free career search (most of them are) and featured articles and jobs. The site lists the top ten "in-demand" jobs for 2009 on the right hand side. It's hard to tell if this is a scam site or not. You must fill in basic information (including an email address) and you are then emailed information for your search (I did not try this).
  • - "Because everyone should dig their job" is the tag line on this site (how about "because everyone should be able to get a job"). The main page shows a map of the US where you can click to get a quick search of jobs in that state which can further be refined by keyword. Below the map is a "browse by job type" listing. To the right of the map are links for job seeking advise and career advice while to the far right is a listing of top jobs. The far left has links for Jobseekers (search jobs, resume builder, etc.) followed by career advice and online tools. The Event Calendar is a very good source for career fairs. There are also assessment tests, videos, articles and advise.
  • - To Echelon Network is a different type of resource, it is a network of recruiters. From the main page, you can add your resume, find a recruiter, search for jobs and read related articles. Clicking on job search returns a listing of all jobs with a detailed description of each job. From this page you can submit your resume, apply for jobs, create job alerts and look at featured jobs.
  • - The Financial Job Network is a global search site which is focused on (obviously) the financial services industry. As with most job search boards, you can register and submit your resume. The main page has tabs at the top to register, search jobs, review you resumes and more. The middle of the page lists financial job functions for targeted search followed by the same links as the tabs at top. Clicking on directories links to a page where you can also review events. Click on jobs to search job opportunities (click search from this page to view a traditional search screen).
Good luck in your search.

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