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Minnesota Jobs Report And Unemployment Rate April 2009

April 2009 saw 9,500 jobs eliminated in Minnesota and the Unemployment Rate drop to 8.1% from 8.2% The U.S. rate was 8.9%

The number of jobs gained/lost the past 12 months (year over year) is -90,200 for April. For March it was -98,100.

18,900 jobs were lost in March so the April 9,500 is a sign to many that while job losses will continue that maybe we have experienced the worst of it here in Minnesota including this quote:

“This month’s drop in the unemployment rate and slowing rate of job loss are encouraging and may be early signs that our economy is poised for recovery,” said DEED Commissioner Dan McElroy. “But we remain concerned about the economy and expect continued challenges in the months ahead.”

Here is a graph that show employment growth for the past six years:

Minnesota and US Job Growth 4-09

Job Gains for April 2009:

  • 4,700 Education and Health Services
  • 1,200 Leisure and Hospitality

Job Losses for April 2009:

  • -5,900 Professional and Business Services
  • -2,400 Manufacturing
  • -2,000 Transportation and Utilities
  • -2,000 Financial Activities
  • -900 Construction
  • -700 Information
  • -600 Other Services
  • -500 Government
  • -400 Logging and Mining

Source: Current Employment Statistics (MN DEED/BLS).


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