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Federal Hiring Trends and In-Demand Jobs

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From: Lorraine Russo

Updated weekly, this page completes the top 50 Federal agencies with the most openings in the last calendar month.

For example, the agency with the most openings in a calendar month is Veterans Affairs / Veterans Health Administration, with 3,326 jobs (mostly highly-skilled medical jobs), followed by the Army Corps of Engineers with 3,126 jobs.

Because the list is updated weekly, be sure to bookmark it and add it to your calendar. It provides a ton of information about which agencies are hiring and the in-demand jobs (right now, there are nine in-demand jobs posted from two agencies: Department Of Energy (1 job) and Department Of The Navy (8 jobs).

Before you think that getting a Federal jobs is near-impossible, be sure to read the 9 Myths about Federal Jobs.

Here's the entire list:

Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration 3326

Army Corps of Engineers 3126

Veterans Health Administration 2971

Air Force Personnel Center 1741

Army Medical Command 1739

Army Installation Management Agency 1531

Forest Service 1345

Army Reserve Command 1043

Federal Aviation Administration 904

Social Security Administration 883

National Guard Units 654

Customs and Border Protection 578

Immigration and Customs Enforcement 540

National Park Service 532

U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering 500

Bureau of Prisons/Federal Prison System 487

Bureau of Land Management 466

Defense Logistics Agency 466

Air Force Materiel Command 446

Bureau of the Census 442

Transportation Security Administration 436

Department of Veterans Affairs 429

Army Training and Doctrine Command  421

Defense Contract Management Agency 412

Defense Intelligence Agency 373

Indian Health Service 347 

Internal Revenue Service 322 

Food and Drug Administration 308

Air National Guard Units 290

National Institutes of Health 277

Department Of Energy 269

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 259

Department Of State 258

Army Communications Electronics Command 249

Navy Field Offices 249

Field Operating Agency of Army Staff Resourced OA-22 242

Drug Enforcement Administration 233

Army Test and Evaluation Command 232

Environmental Protection Agency 228

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 227

DHS Headquarters 224

Army Forces Command 219

U.S. Coast Guard 219

US Fish and Wildlife Service 218

Defense Commissary Agency 215

Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service 205

Army Tank-Automotive & Armament 204

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention 203

Federal Emergency Management Agency 195

Natural Resources Conservation Service

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