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Anthony Warren

Hey Paul,

I caught the tail end your job hunter tookit webinar. How can I get the slides from your pres?

thanks bro!


Good post, Paul. Also, your "Five Things NOT To Do During a Job Interview" are very good as well. Funny how many things seem like no brainers, but still need to be pounded into peoples head.

We do some work for http://www.minnesotajoblist.com, so please use that as a resource for listings when needed. It's pretty comprehensive, so hopefully you find it of value. Thanks!

Executive Careers Blogger

Hi Paul,

The common lament of job seekers, that "employers only hire people with experience, yet the only way to gain experience is to get hired" How do we go about this? Is building or managing a career by making yourself visible on-line through social networks like facebook and LinkedIn a big plus factor? Thx


Hi Paul,

Like a lot of people I'm interviewing like crazy to find my next position. I happen to be a disabled veteran who might qualify for the Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit for Hiring Veterans. When "selling yourself to a prospective employer what is a good way to mention this added perk without sounding desperate? Thanks

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