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Metrics, metrics, metrics. I have to say this is the most boring conversation to have. So I am going to keep this short.

I have been asked what kind of metrics/stats I have for the URL shortener I use on Twitter, Cligs.

Before giving some numbers I want to say that I post stuff that I find interesting. It may be something from my blog, another blog or a site like MSNBC or ESPN. So while I tend to focus on recruiter, HR, career stuff there is also a dose of politics, sports, economics, etc.

And while I do link to stuff I hope my Twitter followers find interesting I do not think ahead of time, “I wonder if they will like this.” I hope they do but I am not posting specifically for the audience.

Last note, I do not link to all of my blog posts simply because my goal is not to be on Twitter and have it just be about me. Lots of folks have good material that should be seen.

The following numbers are for links I have posted on Twitter since April 1:

  • 1-10: 1
  • 11-30: 11
  • 31-50: 26
  • 51-75: 11
  • 76-100: 2

Those 100+:

  • 104
  • 125
  • 130
  • 144
  • 150
  • 271

And these for my Be Your Own Headhunter Seminars but note that the cli.gs is also used on LinkedIn groups so not all of these came just from Twitter:

  • 181
  • 308
  • 390
  • 399
  • 402
  • 446
  • 478

While I think about it, I use TweetDeck and about 25% of what I put on Twitter I also put on my Facebook profile.

Note that these numbers include clicks from bots and other related spiders like things.

I hope that others will post their numbers or leave comments below. I am curious about what others are seeing with their links.


Grant W.  Hiesterman

I checked my cligs after your post. Each of mine are under 100 hits and average 13% bots.

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