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Check Out Ignite Minneapolis And My Favorite Mykl Roventine And His Bad Fonts

I was not able to get to the Ignite Minneapolis event on April 22nd but I did watch the first half on video stream and now seen the rest on the web site.

Ignite is an event with a variety of topics (some serious most not so much) with each presentation 20 slides and 5 minutes in length.

Mykl Roventine did a presentation on “Bad Fonts”. I do not have a clue what font is best or worst to use but Mykl certainly has made it so I know to not ever use Comic Sans.

Here is his presentation:


The Ignite Minneapolis site says they may be doing another event mid to late June. I am going to submit an idea on doing a job search but this one will be much more fun than what I usually do.

And they are looking for sponsors so if want to reach the crossroads of the Minnesota marketing, PR, Social Media and tech community this is money well spent.


Mykl Roventine

Thanks for the kind words, Paul! And thank you for doing your part to help keep bad fonts at bay. :)

You should do a presentation next time. We're planning for Ignite Minneapolis #2. Aiming for early summer.

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