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In Minneapolis And Need Some Computer Parts Or Computer Repair? Go To General NanoSystems

I have a 2 year old laptop which for me is still new (except for a few worn keys) but in the laptop world I am already outdated. Before this laptop I was still running Windows 98. Yeah I said it, until 2007 I was running Windows 98.

I know, I know what was I thinking but for how I use technology that was good enough for me. I need access to the following and I am happy:

  • Email
  • Internet
  • Candidate/client database

I am not a gamer. I do not use a bunch of applications. I rarely have more than 5 windows open at a time.

My computer use is a little boring.

But I did need to upgrade my 512 RAM to something faster as it no longer carried me through the day. So Friday on Twitter I asked what I should get as I knew it would matter. I was referred to a few sites that ask for make and model but no one could find any online information about my Compaq.

So I went to a trusty stand by, a place where I may feel inadequate but where I know, they know what they are doing.

General NanoSystems

After taking the screw out of the back it took .75 seconds for him to say what kind of RAM I needed. I was out the door in less than 10 minutes. It took that long as we started my laptop a couple of times to make sure all was good.

I spent 45 minutes online and a few blood pressure points to not find an answer and the guy at General NanoSystems had it all done in 10.

No where else can I get that kind of attention and hear about Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Windows 7, Linux, kernels, desktops versus laptops and a bunch of other stuff I know as nerd politics.

Maybe I should hang out there more often. I bet there are some sweet blog posts that could be had.

Oh yeah, my 2 GB RAM is working awesome and as usual I am realizing I should have done this a long time ago.


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