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Add Twitter To Options Of How Someone Found Your Event Or Product

Have you ever filled out a form online and one question is how you found whatever “it” is?

Options given tend to be something like:

  • Friends
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Email
  • Web site
  • Newspaper

News flash, you should add Twitter too.

Why you ask particularly if you think Twitter is silly and only nerdy or marketing people and a few celebrities use it?

HELLO!!! Maybe if you add Twitter to the options you may find more are using it than you think. You may find that more than just the nerdy/marketing/celebrity crowd is using it. You may realize that just maybe instead of giggling to yourself about the word “Tweet” you should try doing one or ten to promote (in a reasonable non Spam way) whatever your “it” is.

Oh, and train your people to know what Twitter is. The last thing you want is someone saying “Twitter, what is that?” Not many better ways to show how out of touch you are than that.

Minnesota Job Fair: Monster Brings Keep America Working Tour To Minneapolis

Tomorrow (March, 24th 2009 from 10 AM to 3 PM) will be hosting a free job fair.

The event will held at the (click this link for a map) Hyatt Regency Minneapolis

I have been in touch with a few of my Minnesota Recruiters friends and hear that on the employer side of things the event is full with 30+ companies and a few on a waiting list.

Let me repeat that, a waiting list for a job fair.

Some of the companies:

I am not aware for what skills sets the above or other companies are hiring for.

If you are wondering if you should attend I would say yes. This is a good opportunity to make contacts at companies and if they are not hiring your skill set now create a relationship so you can contact them (or they contact you) the coming weeks and months.

For more information (or if you are in another city) click Monster Brings Keep America Working Tour

Info For KARE 11 Viewers

Many thanks to KARE 11 and Scott Goldberg for including me in their Extra: Social networking can help job hunt .

If you are seeking information on the free Job Search, LinkedIn and Social Media presentations go to:

Be Your Own Headhunter

This coming week there are three presentations:

- Job Search Toolkit (March 24th)
- Using Social Media For Networking And Social Media (March 25th)
- LinkedIn A-Z For Networking And Job Search (March 26th)

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