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Most job search sites cover a wide range of industries and functional backgrounds. While you can generally narrow your search based on the site's search engine, this can sometimes be time consuming. This post highlights several focused job search sites.
  • - focuses on the financial services industry. The site breaks down Financial Services into sectors (Hedge Funds, Equities, etc.) as well as locations. The site also allows resume posting and job search. Additionally, there is a "toolkit", which has quite a few resources and advice links
  • - As you've probably figured out from the name, this site focuses on Sales jobs. The site allows resume posting, has job search functionality and has career resources.
  • - This site focuses on the retail industry. The very first page lists most of the best known retailers. As with most of the sites reviewed to date, this also allows resume posting, job search as well as links to other sites and resources.
  • - Yes, a focus on the health care industry. Resume posting, job search, forums, events and videos (yes, videos). When I tried the site it seemed a little slow when moving from one section to new pages, but I did not use it long enough to know if this is a limited issue.

No matter what your industry or functional experience, there is probably a search site dedicated to your needs. Next post I will focus on headhunters who are industry specific.

Good luck in your search.

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