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Quick Tip - Looking for work? Become a "must have" connection.

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From: Tim Tyrell-Smith @ Spin Strategy™ - Tools for Intelligent Job Search

If you are looking for work, you've probably attended of number of networking functions in your target geography.  How many people attended this job search event? 

An even more interesting question is: How many people came to the event with the hope of meeting YOU?

Do this seem like an outlandish thought for you?  Are you not usually the one people seek out?  What if you could become a "must have" connection in your network and in the outer network of those you know? 

When two people meet at Starbuck's and one asks: "who else should I be networking with?", is it your name that comes up?

If the answer to this last question is yes, it probably means one of two things:

  • You have been looking for a long time and you are now a legend :-(   OR
  • You have found ways during your relatively short search to separate yourself by adding value.

So, how do you add value and become a highly desired connection?

Don't Connect with Everyone

Now this doesn't have a lot to do with adding value, but one way to be more in demand is to reduce the supply.  What if you were to only accept 2 new Linkedin connections per week?  Even more in demand? 2 per month.  The value of this? You are discriminating. Being in your network means something.  Also, if you connect with anyone and everyone, how can you ever really tap into your network when you need help?  You'll need to start the conversation with "You don't know me but . . ."  Want to know my Linkedin connection policy?  Click here.

Create Something that Helps Others

During my job search in 2007, one of the things that made job search more difficult was to find qualified companies in my target geography.  Oh, sure, I knew about the big ones.  But what about all the smaller ones right in my backyard?  So, I created a list with all the companies I knew and sent it off to a few friends.  They added extra company names that I was missing and pretty soon I had back a nice long list. And, guess what, that list got e-mailed around to a few other people (as did the word that I created it).  Who wouldn't want to meet the guy who created that helpful list?

Share your Templates

Let me say this as loud as I can - job search IS NOT a solo effort.  If you sneak around, keeping all leads deep in your front pocket, you will be less successful in your job search.  Oh, and people won't want to help you.  So, as I found special ways to think through my job search, I created a template and shared it with everyone I could think of who might benefit.  For example, I recently created a simple spreadsheet called the Watchlyst™ to help you track the job objectives of those in your network.  I also created a workbook to help you compare a job offer called SidebySide™.  Both can be downloaded here for FREE.  Whether you create it or you find it on a blog, don't be shy!  Share it with others and you will be more highly valued in your network.

By offering your help and inspiration to others through positive networking, targeted connections, and the sharing of ideas and templates you become someone of interest.  As a helpful and interesting person you will also be memorable. 

Memorable people get more job leads than everyone else.  They also make great long term relationships.

Well, what are you waiting for?  Get going!

Your network needs you.

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