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Minnesota Morning

Yeah, Woo Hoo for the first official work day of 2009.

I have been working very hard over the holidays so while some are only getting up to speed I am already in high gear. As I posted on Twitter and Facebook this morning:

“2009 business world, it's me versus you. Hope you are rested, fed, and up to the fight because I am going to kick your ass.”

I have been getting some inquiries by out of town friends about the U. S. Senate contest between Norm Coleman and Al Franken.

Today the Canvassing Board could certify the results which have Al Franken +225 votes. Then there is a seven day waiting period for law suits.

Norm Coleman currently has a request with the State Supreme Court about 600+ ballots he says were improperly rejected and not put in the big pile to be looked at.

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Minnesota Business, Technology, Sports And General Topic Blogs Updated

What follows is an update (20 blogs) to my blog roll. These blogs will also be added to my project.

Minnesota Business Blogs:

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Minnesota Morning

Happy first sort of official work day of 2009. Sort of because I know a lot of people have today off. Sort of because I know a lot of them are checking their email all day.

With big sports events like the Super Bowl and World Series politicians usually do a “bet” of sort. If you win we send you a (fill in the blank). Usually local food, beverages, etc.

I am thinking Governor Tim Pawlenty should call the Illinois governor and do a “bet” on who fills their respective senate seat first. But then again, maybe the last thing with all the issues he has Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich should bet on anything including if he will still be the governor.

Ah yes, the hypocrisy of politics. It is sort of interesting to watch Norm Coleman taking the same tactics Al Franken did when Franken was down and Franken adopting the “leader” status. Now Coleman wants to count all the votes and Franken seems to be OK with the current numbers.

Current status: Franken +49

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Minnesota Morning | Sports Only Edition

Happy New Year to you and Best Wishes in 2009.

This post is entirely about sports, most of it on the Minnesota Golden Gophers and college football with some short thoughts on the Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Wild at the end.

So no recruiter, career or business stuff today.

College football bowl season is one of my favorite times of the year to go along with spring practice, fall practice, non conference schedule, Big Ten season, rivalry weekend and for the other conferences their conference championship game.

Yeah, I have a bit of an addiction to college football. I do not smoke, gamble, eat too much, drink much or often so as far as addictions go this is rather low on the list of bad ones. I also tend to get more work done because I can watch and type at the same time.

Minnesota Golden Gophers

The Minnesota Golden Gopher football season ended last night not as a Gopher fan would hope. As I stated in my Minnesota Morning yesterday I predicted the Gophers by 4.

And I was wrong.

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