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MN Headhunter Gets Nice Guy Award

On January 7, 2009 Recruiting Animal gave his The Recruiting Animal Award Winners 2008 on his radio show.

I was awarded “Recruitosphere Nice Guy”:

MN Headhunter Paul DeBettignies Recruiter Nice Guy Award

Now for those not in the recruiting industry you may wonder what is a Recruiting Animal and why do you care.

The Recruiting Animal is a popular guy, a Recruiter, has the Recruiting Animal blog, and his own radio show The Recruiting Animal. That’s pretty good for anyone let alone an animal.

While the shows are not always very serious (this is not your suit and tie show) the content that is shared and the people who contribute (most days) are.

So to be mentioned with the folks he gave awards to is in all seriousness, very cool for me. When you go to his page you will see those listed is very much a “who’s who” of the recruiter’s who are online, who give back to the community, who teach and train.

It also means a lot to be known as a “Nice Guy” and this proves nice guys do not finish last.

Oh and I should say that if you are wondering more about his show you can click one of the following links to 2008 shows I was featured on.

Minnesota Headhunter, Your Buddy in Bad Times (October 29, 2008)

The Minnesota Headhunter (January 16, 2008)


Tavis Hudson

Very fitting - I can't think of a better person for the honor. “Mr. Congeniality”
Keep up the good work.

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