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Earlier this morning Maren Hogan put this out on Twitter:

No matter what your feelings were or who you voted for, you'd have to have a stone heart not to see how this inauguration is impacting kids

I have thought about this quite a bit since Election Day. Kids will group knowing that just maybe it is true that in America you can be anything you want to be. As a late 30’s white guy I can barely imagine what that must be like but for the kids to see this, for these kids to grow up with that thought has to be a most powerful message.

I am a pomp and circumstance guy too. I love inaugurations so I am geeking out on the history, protocols, the red white and blue.

That we can transfer power without bloodshed, tanks in the streets, Martial Law is a beautiful thing.

Other than security (always an issue) it seems the next biggest issue is if there are enough port o potties for the crowds they are expecting.

On this Martin Luther King Jr holiday and in these times I am reminded how blessed I have been to be born in this country. No doubt we have issues, problems, and big things ahead of us but taking that proverbial step back for a moment, there is no place I would rather be.


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