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Yeah, Woo Hoo for the first official work day of 2009.

I have been working very hard over the holidays so while some are only getting up to speed I am already in high gear. As I posted on Twitter and Facebook this morning:

“2009 business world, it's me versus you. Hope you are rested, fed, and up to the fight because I am going to kick your ass.”

I have been getting some inquiries by out of town friends about the U. S. Senate contest between Norm Coleman and Al Franken.

Today the Canvassing Board could certify the results which have Al Franken +225 votes. Then there is a seven day waiting period for law suits.

Norm Coleman currently has a request with the State Supreme Court about 600+ ballots he says were improperly rejected and not put in the big pile to be looked at.

Whatever, I am not overly excited about either of these guys but it would be nice to get this past us. And if Franken is the winner we can start getting into all the jokes that will come our way. First Jesse Ventura now Al Franken.

Uff Da, as my Grandma was fond of saying.

Here are some links to blog posts over the weekend. Note most of them are of the “liberal” variety:

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Today’s useless stat:

  • December was the 14th snowiest on record for Minneapolis and St. Paul. Average snowfall for the month is 10 inches with 17.4 in December 2008.

Here is something new to these posts, events that I am attending/presenting:




  • 7th UnSummit (Attendee & Presenter – Career Topics)

And now the link fest...


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