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Job Search for Graduation

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From: CareerAlley

As a College student, planning and job search should really start very early in your college career. Internships, Co-Op programs, volunteering and College Career Fairs require months and sometimes years of planning. Unfortunately, many College students don't begin to plan until their Junior (and sometimes Senior) year. The good news is that

there are excellent resources available to help you plan your job search, even if you start late (see Winter Break - Do You Have a Job Search Plan Yet?).

  • Nuresume - Thanks to a reader for pointing out this site. Nuresume.com is a network for college students which allows them to build an online resume portfolio. They can include photos, blogs, videos, chat, groups, forums, instant messaging and social networking. The site is jam packed with resources and options. There are links at the top of the page which provide access to the main areas (including Join and Invite links). The site integrates students, recruiters and employers and provides the tools you need to launch your online marketing campaign. The site is very impressive and well thought out. There is not enough space in this review to give justice to the site, so check it out today.
  • How to Find an Internship - Not Just Any Internship—One That Fits Your Needs - This article, by Collegeboard.com, provides a guide to planning your College Internship process. The article provides a number of links to resources (one of which is covered below) and is a good place to start your planning for internship programs.
  • InternAbroad - Thinking about an internship abroad? This is a good place to start. The site provides a large number of links at the top of the page (including intern abroad, study abroad, jobs abroad, volunteer abroad and much more).
  • Use Facebook to Help You in Your Job Hunt! - This article, posted by Miriam Salpeter on Secrets of the Job Hunt, reviews an interesting experiment which used Facebook as a career marketing tool (there is a link to the full text in the article). The article also covers other tips regarding the use of your websites &/or blogs as part of your marketing campaign.
On the lighter side . . . Good luck in your search.

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Jacob Share from JobMob

Thanks for the mention, Joey. I found all the links useful for students, and bookmarked them in delicious.

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