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I have had a lot of stuff running through my mind since the presentation at the StarTribune Career Expo which is why until today I have been a little quiet.

I said this when I started speaking, I was a bit unnerved with the number of folks wanting to hear the presentation. I had a few folks sitting on the floor, standing in the back and into the hallway. The hosts of the event estimated at around 130 people were in the room at the beginning.

When I asked for hands of those unemployed 90%+ raised their hands.

I should restate this, I was not unnerved about speaking before a group that size but the first thing that goes through my mind is the collective emotion that everyone is feeling. Being without a job sucks. What sucks worse is when we have slow economic times.

The job search presentation went from 2 PM – 3 PM. Then about 20 minutes for the networking piece. Then a group Q & A and a few one on one questions. By the time I left it was around 5 PM.

It was a good day and feedback from the presentations has been very good.

Here is the presentation:

I do have the shell of Be Your Own Headhunter up and running. More content will be added the next three days along with a page specific for Minneapolis resources.

My original idea was to start doing online webinars in mid February but I have decided that rather than perfect everything and have the web site in high gear I am going to start before the end of January. It makes more sense to get this information to people than wait for everything to look pretty.

The first webinar is not yet schedules as I need to figure out the tech side of things and do a trial run.

If you know of a group in the Minneapolis | St. Paul area seeking a speaker on job search, networking, or using LinkedIn please forward my email on,

As long as it is local and I can keep my time away from the office to 90 minutes or less I am willing to do them for free.


Jennifer McClure

Great presentation Paul! Thanks for offering your time, wisdom and experience to those involved in a job search during these challenging times. I'm sure your efforts are greatly appreciated, and I appreciate you also sharing this with your readers!

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