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Who’s Hiring?

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From: CareerAlley

Who’s hiring? Let’s go right to the source, Company Career sites. Taking a look at some Company Career sites yields a surprising number of job postings. While Job Boards and Recruiters sometimes list stale jobs (jobs that have been filled or “put on hold”) through no fault of their own, Company Career sites tend to list only actively recruited positions.


Shipping giant UPS’ career site is jam packed with information. The tabs at top link to job search, careers and general information about UPS. The left hand side of the page has featured jobs, employee videos, and an entire section for managing your career search on their site. You can register and complete an application online. There are several hundred jobs posted across the US and you can narrow your search by state.

Best Buy:

Number 66 on the 2008 Fortune 500 list, this electronics retailer has over 8,000 jobs listed on their site across the US. There are sections on Students and Entry level jobs, New Store opportunities, a search by key word and differentiation by retail versus corporate careers. You can join their Candidate Community, which will put you on their radar for jobs that match your background (or apply for one of the 8,000 positions listed on their site).


Apple’s Job Opportunities site is segregated by Apple Pro, Student and Apple Store opportunities. Apple has 770 jobs listed on their site. You can sign-in and register on their site or search for jobs based on various criteria. Their Student site provides information on the company as well as information on Campus Events. There is even a specialized search just for College Grads. “How to Apply” gives a full overview on how to apply for specific positions.

International Paper:

International Paper is known for paper and packaging. There main career page has sections on Featured Positions, Company overview, International Positions as well as a Student section. You can submit your resume, do a general job search or search by featured positions.

Good luck in your search.

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