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I found myself doing some work today and am without my college football update I was looking forward to giving. But since tomorrow is a day of games I will save it for then.

My Minnesota Golden Gophers play the Kansas Jayhawks today in the Insight Bowl starting at 5 PM CST. I will skip the ongoing online debate about why a bowl would have a tie in with the NFL Network and one that unless you have premium sports tier cannot see.

I take that back, Comcast is doing a one day preview for free but only if you have digital cable.

I do not have the premium sports tier which may shock many but by choice I do not. The last thing I need is any more access to sports options.

And being a non gadget guy do not have digital cable either so I am getting together with a couple of friends one of whom has digital and a big TV. Very nice.

Here are a few local bloggers writing about the game. I would point you to Gopher The Roses (my Gopher football blog) but since it has not been posted on since September you can skip it (you might need to scroll on these sites as the men’s basketball team play Michigan State this morning):

And some other links:

Last I heard the folks in Vegas have Kansas favored by 9. That may not be current.

I am picking the Gophers by 4. Not a homer pick. I think with the extra practice, new OL coach, a healthy Eric Decker, and some time for the rest of the guys to heal up from late season the Gophers will win this game.

So more college football tomorrow.

Go Gophers!!!

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