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MBA: Yes or No????

Article courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap

From: the medical sales recruiter

Many candidates ask me whether or not they should pursue an MBA. Will they make more money in their next position? Will they be promoted more rapidly?

Many will not like my answers here but they are just based on my experiences. I, myself, have an MBA. So I can, also, speak from my personal journey.

First, should I get an MBA? The answer is yes! More education is always best. If you use that education to excel at your job, if you truly learn something in those courses and apply that to your job for greater productivity or a better thought process.

But I would say that I met many MBA’s that just check the box. In either case, the MBA on the resume may get you in the interview process because it may be a gating factor. Also, some hiring managers buy into its value and give candidates with the degree more credence than candidates without the degree.

Will you make more money? In my area of expertise (sales and marketing), the answer is that you will not be compensated higher just because of the degree. However, again, if you use the education to be better at what you do then invariably you will make more money.

As a sales representative, the financial experience I got in my MBA courses gave me tools to position my company and products for greater success. It follows that if you are more successful at your job you will be promoted faster!

So, to summarize, yes you should get an MBA if you aspire to be more. If you will use it! Or if you want to avoid being passed over because you have a manager that uses education as a gating factor.

One exception – I do not see the value if you already have a business degree.

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But what about the "time value of money?"

Going back for an MBA is a good two years of your life... maybe four if you take night classes. There are multiple ways to use that time to position yourself to make more money.

If you're a tech geek, I'd argue your time is better spent becoming an entrepreneur. Instead of an MBA, dedicate yourself 10 hours per week on a side project, and try to build it as a business. You will fail a few times... so pick up books on the subject, and get better. Eventually, you'll be making more money, and have concrete proof that you know how to run a business.

Will this translate to being a VP in a large firm? Maybe not... but will it build the skills to run a medium sized firm? Probably... but in either case you will almost certainly make more money.

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I must say the financial experience they got in my MBA courses gave them tools to position their company and products for greater success.

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