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Daily Twitter Notes

Job Search 101 | Getting Started

For 10+ years I have been and continue to help companies source, recruit and hire IT professionals and I have had the unique position to observe companies, recruiters and job seekers.

At times it can be a most frustrating thing to watch. Job seekers for the most part are the same regardless of what skill set, experience, age, and educational background.

What I have learned is most job seekers have no idea how to market themselves. And that is what a job search is, marketing of yourself.

Beginning about 5 years ago I moved from what had been informal giving of advice to doing formal presentations titled "I have a “killer” resume, now what? Tips on being your own Headhunter" to professional associations, user groups, college students, community groups supporting those in job transition, and the StarTribune Career Fairs.

During my presentations there are two constant themes:

  • Finding a job is a job
  • Doing a job search sucks

I have been saying that I should start putting this information here on the blog as a way to better help job seekers and finally I am getting to it.

I am going to give a "Headhunter" perspective on how to do this. You may find some of my ideas and techniques to be aggressive, forward, and maybe "too much". And some of them maybe. But my question is this, if you have a spouse, kids, mortgage, college debt, etc. you may want or be able to stay within the lines.

Here are some of the many topics I will be covering here in small, easy to digest posts:

  • How to find and research companies
  • Sources for job listings
  • Finding contact names in companies
  • Sending and utilizing email
  • Creating a job search plan
  • How and when to follow up
  • How to market yourself
  • Creating your elevator pitch
  • How to start a conversation
  • What networking is and is not
  • Building a network
  • What makes a good network

The previous items are just the tip of the iceberg. Over a period of time there should be a lot of information here and hopefully a good resource for job seekers.

I do not cover creating and writing resumes because to be honest, I am not good at them. That and there are a lot of resources on writing a resume but not that many on how to execute an effective job search.

If this goes well and now with the recession (it may not yet technically be one but for many is one) I may move forward with an idea to start a website focused only on career information. I have acquired the domain name BeYourOwnHeadhunter.com and have started creating content. The site should be launched in mid December.

This being the first post not much here yet but you can click Job Search Tips to find some previous blog posts on these topics.

And as I get into this if you have any questions post them in the comments section and I will do my best to respond to them.


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