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How to Love a Job You Hate

Article courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap

From: Karen Burns, Working Girl

So, okay, you've got a job you're not crazy about.  Here are two incredibly wise thoughts:

Incredibly Wise Thought #1:  Good news!  You know what?  Your chances of leaving your job are approximately 100%.  Yup.  No job is forever.  So if you hate it, take comfort in knowing that it's only temporary.

Incredibly Wise Thought #2:  Given that the job is going to end sooner or later, your only task is to decide what you will do in the meantime.

You can drown your sorrows in barbeque-flavored potato chips and liters of non-diet soda.  You can buy three pairs of new shoes to makFind a jobe yourself feel "better" and run yourself into debt.  You can gnash your teeth that the high price of gas and general economic mess the world is in is ruling out even the thought of taking a vacation.

Or.....there's two other things you could do.

First, plot your escape.  Do something every day to make the lovely moment you say "I quit" come a little sooner.  Need more training?  Take a class.  Need capital?  Say no to that latte and bank the money instead (or get a second job).  Your network is lame?  Attend conferences, luncheons, benefits, auctions, parties--you know the drill.  Each step you take toward a new and better job is going to make you feel happier.  Guaranteed.

Second, look for something likeable, or at least not horrible, about the job you have now.  Maybe it's so mindless that it leaves you with energy to work on your painting or novel.  Maybe your cubicle-mate has a fantastic sense of humor.  Maybe it's close enough to home that you can walk to work.  There has to be something.

It's kinda obvious.  But when you're feeling down, the obvious isn't always....obvious.

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