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Daily Twitter Notes

Sometimes the day does not allow a blog post let alone write about things on my mind or I hear about like economic, political, local news (sports too).

With Twitter, you at least get some of the flavor, a flash moment during the day, of what I am thinking about. You can follow during the day or see the digest below.

Here are the highlights of my recent Twitter activity. If you want to see the full version click MN Headhunter on Twitter

MN Headhunter on Twitter | October 27, 2008 - October 25, 2008 (last one first, links added):

October 27, 2008

  • Social Media Breakfast Mpls/St Paul this Friday at Deluxe Corp HQ's. More info to register
  • New home sales: +2.7% in Sept. Median price $218K down 9% from '07. Inventory 10.4 months in Sept from 11.4 in Aug.
  • University of Minnesota Homecoming 2008 info:
  • BCS Poll has Minnesota Golden Gophers up to #17. (not sure how I forgot to mention this last night)

October 26, 2008

  • Humor needed? Check out @PowerBaby mmm...spaghetti...
  • ReTweet @Gophers: Minnesota Golden Gophers #20 in all polls (starting to sing The Rouser now)
  • Watching McCain on Meet The Press. Must be difficult a week or so away from election day and seeing a defeat on the horizon.
  • Uh Oh part 2. Ground now covered with snow. Weather forecast was WRONG and I was a fool to believe
  • Uh Oh. Snow coming down faster. Visibility down to .5 mile. Better pack and go quickly
  • Snow flurries in west central Minnesota this morning. Wind are 20-40 MPH. Thankfully will be a tailwind on the drive to MPLS

October 25, 2008

  • @dbrauer Gophers strength of schedule is #50 in the country, #18 of top 40 ranked teams, and better than 11 of the top 25
  • @dbrauer Missed your Tweet from 3 hours ago on Gophers. The O lIne is young, inexperienced, hurt. If they progress enough the O will be OK
  • M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A ..Minnesota...Minnesota...yyyeeAAHHHHHHHH...GOPHERS!!! (was visiting with my Dad and away from the laptop) 7-1 YEAH BABY!!
  • @GraemeThickins I am in the comfort of my Mom's living room in West Central MN. Travelling to Madison and Big XII Championship
  • Let's Go Gophers. Moving on over to @gophers for the game


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