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Daily Twitter Notes

Daily Twitter Notes

Sometimes the day does not allow a blog post let alone write about things on my mind or I hear about like economic, political, local news (sports too).

With Twitter, you at least get some of the flavor, a flash moment during the day, of what I am thinking about. You can follow during the day or see the digest below.

Here are the highlights of my recent Twitter activity. If you want to see the full version click MN Headhunter on Twitter

MN Headhunter on Twitter | October 13, 2008 - October 11, 2008 (last one first, links added):

October 13, 2008

October 12, 2008

  • 77 in MPLS. Surely there is a cold front coming our way. This cannot last. And when it ends, that will suck.

October 11, 2008

  • Feeling no pity for Wisconsin Badgers fans as they get a butt whooping from Penn State. They are getting restless, www.firebretbielema.com
  • @RecruitingGuy My head hurts. I screamed so loud dude 4 doors down ran into the courtyard to see what was wrong. Saw my shirt & gave a Hi 5
  • Sorry, I know I promised to keep my Gopher Tweets to @gophers and I did a good job. But last year sucked so bad that this is a huge release!
  • Gophers win!!! Are 6-1 and bowl eligible. Congrats Coach Brewster and players. For all the haters from last year SCREW YOU!!! YEAH BABY!!!
  • G O P H E R S W I N !!!!! G O P H E R S W I N !!!!! G O P H E R S W I N !!!!! G O P H E R S W I N !!!!!
  • RT @MNRecruiters Thank you to 300+ MNRecruiters for answering survey. Results Monday. Preview: News very mixed not as bad as one might think
  • Gophers "D" holds Illinois on 3rd and 4th and inches from getting a TD. 14-6 Minnesota. Start of the 4th Quarter
  • Halftime with @gophers: Minnesota Golden Gophers 7 & Illinois Fighting Illini 3 Go Gophers!!!
  • BEAUTIFUL day in the MPLS. Gophers on ESPN. Tonight LSU/Florida. This is going to be a good day.


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