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Daily Twitter Notes

Sometimes the day does not allow a blog post let alone write about things on my mind or I hear about like economic, political, local news (sports too).

With Twitter, you at least get some of the flavor, a flash moment during the day, of what I am thinking about. You can follow during the day or see the digest below.

Here are the highlights of my recent Twitter activity. If you want to see the full version click MN Headhunter on Twitter

MN Headhunter on Twitter | October 10, 2008 - October 7, 2008 (last one first, links added):

October 10, 2008

October 9, 2008

  • Asian markets down 7% - 11%
  • Early results from our @mnrecruiters survey show a more positive outlook on Q4 and '09 hiring than I expected. Not great, not bad. Neutral
  • My good friend Josh Kahn @jokahn is announcing his new blog http://find-attract.com Josh has a geat reputation. Works at Accenture/Best Buy
  • Wall Street: -670 to 8500 GM down 31%. U.S. Treasury to buy stakes in banks this month. Iceland mostly bankrupt. (ugh)
  • Wall Street: GM downgraded. Lowest level since 1950. S&P believes GM has enough liquidity to finish 2008
  • ReTweet @minnesotarecruiters Survey sent out this morning. 10%+ response rate already. Getting good information about MN '08-'09 job market
  • IBM announced Q3 earnings early (last night) Good news across the board and reaffirmed For Year estimates (whew)
  • Weekly Jobless claims <20,000 to 478,000. Impacts of hurricanes starting to fade.
  • Wall Street: Art Cashin of UBS on CNBC says markets are days or hours from a begin of comeback. Futures are up. Dow Ind -35% from high 10/07

October 8, 2009

  • Baseball cards. Anyone in Minnesota know of a collector who might be interested in purchasing cards from 1955-1957? Aaron, Clemente and more
  • @tommyoneill I heard a number on the radio of $3.1B Wondering about the forensic accounting that will be involved
  • Tom Petters: To remain in jail. 2 others plead guilty
  • U.S. News & World Report: Americans Expect Depression; Economists Don't
  • Simple Job Search: Twitter in Your Job Search
  • Wall Street: August new home sales +7.4% from July. Retailer same store sales < than expected
  • @N614EF psychologically worse? Going to be. Fear of always worse than reality. Once announced rarely a follow up. Employment capitulation

October 7, 2008


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