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Minnesota College Students To Find A Good Job Market in 2009

Minnesota 2009 college graduates will find another good year of job possibilities according to a recent St. Cloud State University’s Career Services Center survey.

If you listen to local and national media folks (who frankly are a little, err, a lot clueless about employment statistics) you would think the entire country is seeing job cuts, no jobs are being created and no one can find a job.

That is not the case and as usual good news is not reported.

Of the 221 employers surveyed:

  • 35% increase hiring
  • 58.4% maintain hiring
  • 6.5% decrease hiring

Full disclosure, the 6.5% is more than last year but not a big deal.

Salary plans:

  • 27.1% plan to increase salary
  • 72.9% plan to maintain salary
  • 00.0% plan to decrease salary

For more survey information including which industries are hiring, percentages of those with on campus recruiting plans and skills that are most important click MN College Job Outlook 2009.


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