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Daily Twitter Notes

Sometimes the day does not allow a blog post let alone write about things on my mind or I hear about like economic, political, local news (sports too).

With Twitter, you at least get some of the flavor, a flash moment during the day, of what I am thinking about. You can follow during the day or see the digest below.

Here are the highlights of my recent Twitter activity. If you want to see the full version click MN Headhunter on Twitter

MN Headhunter on Twitter | August 4, 2008 - August 1, 2008 (last one first, links added):

August 4, 2008

  • Twins: dude from Seattle gets 6 RBI in one inning? Surely that will get on SportsCenter.
  • Twins: now given up 8 runs in the 7th.
  • Twins: been a while since they have fallen part. The 7th has not been a lucky number this evening.
  • @researchgoddess I have had some success with Twithire. Like other sites (CL), depends on location and number of people using a site.
  • Oil: Dropping $5 so far, under $120

August 3, 2008

  • Confession: I have not missed an episode of Big Brother this season. The one reality TV show I sort of like.
  • Somehow today turned into a work day. Hopefully this week becomes a "normal" work week because of this.

August 2, 2008

  • @shally for your Twitter hack check out @rickmahn a Mpls guy I can put you in touch with if you like to see how he did his

August 1, 2008

  • On this the 1 year of the I 35 bridge collapse the number of helicoptors in the air getting video equals one year ago. A little eery.
  • Found my first violator of the MN no texting law. Dude with kids in car, sitting at stop sign, texting, and not moving. Dude met my horn.
  • MN Recruiters: helps us make our events better. Check out www.hrsearchmarketing.com reply through Twitter and you may win a $100 gift card
  • Vacation week part II: Back to question earlier this week, maybe that is in part why candidates are slow to send resume.
  • Vacation week: Sent email to recruiters list and near 20% "out of office" for some or all of this week.
  • ABC's 20/20 will have a piece this evening on MPLS HR consulting firm www.oberonllc.com and their use of treadmills in the office, very cool
  • Some dude on CNBC (not paying attention while on a call): Unemployment rate for college educated is 2% for those less than college 8.5%
  • U.S. jobs report: July -51K forecast was -75K. Unemployment to 5.7% from 5.5%. May to -47K from -62K June to -51K from -62K Some "good" news


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