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Daily Twitter Notes

Sometimes the day does not all to do a blog post let alone write about things on my mind or hear about like economic, political, local news (sports too).

With Twitter, you at least get some of the flavor, a flash moment during the day, of what I am thinking about. You can follow during the day or see the digest below.

I do not include all "Tweets" where I am responding to someone else, might get confusing...

MN Headhunter on Twitter | May 29-21, 2008 (last one first, URL's added):

May 29, 2008

  • "Wall Street" is on VH1. Love the movie but a movie on VH1 seems, well, wrong. Maybe they should do a musical of Wall Street.
  • Thank you @dcgrigsby for introducing me to Business Journal reporter. Very kind of you.
  • Back from Minnesota Technical Recruiters Network, Good event and a lot of fun not being responsible.
  • So this is what it feels like to be up at 6 am.

May 28, 2008

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BREAKING NEWS: Arbita and JobMachine Merge

Below is a press release I just received from my friends at Arbita. Surely this will make some noise in the Recruiter and HR industry.

Way to go Don and Shally!!!


Arbita and JobMachine Join Forces

Merger Enhances Recruiting Capabilities for Customers

Minneapolis, MN - May 22, 2008 - The March Continues

Global organizations are well aware that dedication to acquiring top–quality candidates will enable them to thrive and grow in the midst of fierce competition. Finding efficient ways to directly recruit the best candidates are needed to stay ahead in the war for talent and control the cost of recruiting in today’s market.

Arbita, the Internet Recruitment Powerhouse, headquartered in Minneapolis, has merged with JobMachine to further empower its customers to hire more and better people faster. The merger will give customers access to an integrated line of services, combining job ad distribution and recruitment solutions with alternative methods for candidate sourcing.

Arbita’s customers will have access to workforce development and consulting services designed to add value to their sourcing and recruitment teams by developing their research skills. JobMachine’s renowned seminars, onsite workshops, webinars and strategic sourcing consulting will help customers to implement long–term internet recruitment capabilities. Customers will be better equipped to consistently mine top candidates using the best available techniques – enabling them to find talent not obtainable from mainstream sources.

“JobMachine delivers real value to the recruitment market by empowering practitioners and organizations with workforce development programs and consulting services that transform individuals and organizations,” says Don Ramer, Arbita’s CEO. “Shally’s research and thought leadership have changed the way that thousands of recruiters and hundreds of companies view Talent Acquisition Strategy and Recruiting Tactics,” he continued. “This merger flows from strategic alignment of vision for the industry our companies serve and the shared values of our leadership teams,” Ramer concluded.

“Arbita is defining industry standards through recruitment best practices,” says Shally Steckerl, Founder and Chief CyberSleuth of JobMachine. “The merger will further expand the ways in which customers pipeline talent. Our combined products and services will bring recruitment to the next level by adding core competencies in research and facilitating just-in-time sourcing from every possible channel. Through the merger we will enable our customers to obtain world class talent globally, and bring premium candidates to the right jobs with a high level of precision,” he continued.

About JobMachine

Founded in 1998, JobMachine provides consulting and training solutions for recruiters and recruiting agencies. JobMachine focuses on helping its customers build organizational capabilities around sourcing and research. It has architected sourcing and research teams at well over 160 Global 500 corporations and top Search Firms worldwide. JobMachine is based in Atlanta, GA and is located at

About Arbita

Since 1993 Arbita has posted jobs to job boards globally. It has provided services and recruitment advice to hundreds of customers. These include General Dynamics, eBay, Pfizer, and Cox Communications. Arbita partners with the HR-XML Consortium, the International Association for Human Resource Information Management, and the International Association of Employment Web Sites or IAEWS. Arbita is based in Minneapolis, MN and is located at

Media Contact:

Don Ramer, CEO & Founder
(612) 278-0078|

MN Headhunter Blog Celebrates 3rd Birthday, Or Is It Anniversary

May 21st 2005 I started this little adventure of mine. Does that make it a birthday, because it was created or an anniversary because it is more like a relationship?

I am going to go with anniversary:

Happy Anniversary 3 Years

Writing a blog is lot like a relationship. It takes time to make it work. You have to give it attention frequently. You need to spice it up now and again.

I think I have been treating my blog better these past months. Still never show it as much attention as it deserves but I am getting better. I continue to be distracted by other things but I always seem to find my way back here.

3 years has brought 653 posts and 104,000+ visits.

I continue to see growth:

MN Headhunter 1 Year Site Meter

There are two new things coming that I wish I would have started years ago but will next week and that is “Job Search 101” and “Recruiter 101”. Simple tips for job seekers and recruiters to use in their activity.

The foundation for these will come from my job search presentation I give and my presentation from the Minnesota Recruiters event.

Understand, most of this will not be ground breaking thought material (hence the 101) but I am asked these questions often, I have 10+ years of search experience with a unique perspective of both sides, and having the content posted will help get to the next set of questions.

I guess that is the "spicy" part of the blog relationship. Not so exciting is it?

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

Daily Twitter Notes

Sometimes the day does not all to do a blog post let alone write about things on my mind or hear about like economic, political, local news (sports too).

With Twitter, you at least get some of the flavor, a flash moment during the day, of what I am thinking about. You can follow during the day or see the digest below.

I do not include all "Tweets" where I am responding to someone else, might get confusing...

MN Headhunter on Twitter | May 20-17, 2008 (last one first, URL's added):

May 20, 2008

  • @JavaJunky went for a quick walk and saw a clear Minnesota evening and a near full moon
  • My over/under "suck" count during my presentation. A push at 6. 4 other words worse words that slipped out. 2 almosts. No one offended.
  • I admit my technology ineptitude and a reminder that the blog does this for me. How many minutes to create a RSS Feed for a career page?
  • Had a great conversation with John Sumser this evening. He is Obi Wan Kenobi and Don Ramer is Yoda
  • LinkedIn customer service update, they had it fixed in 2.5 hours. Moved the group cap from 1,000 to 10,000. @sheldonschwartz gets a prize.
  • OK I think my rant is over, for now. Sorry, if I did not get that out I would have spontaneously combusted in the next few hours.
  • And then talk about the "War for Talent". Job boards are A tool not THE tool. This should be about creating relationships
  • Frankly I think most employers SUCK at the recruiting process and talk a big game but do little to make it better.
  • Hey @jjbuss, I am not speaking of just the job fair. I am painting a wide brush and accusing most every employer in their every day activity
  • @justingrammens The next Career Expo is September 16th, I think. Contact Tracy Dawson,
  • StarTribune Career Expo: Some good news economy wise. Sounds like more companies are attending job fairs in most regions of the country
  • StarTribune Career Expo: 35+ companies in attendance. Stories were from mostly unemployed in my job search presentation.
  • StarTribune Career Expo: Is not for their employees. This is a 4 time a year local company job fair for engineering, healthcare, and mgmt
  • StarTribune Career Expo: My ongoing internal conversation. Why do employers make it so hard on themsleves and candidates?
  • StarTribune Career Expo: Many of stories of poor customer service. Employers might want to consider the damage they do to brand and PR.
  • StarTribune Career Expo: Very disappointed in hearing what are clear cases of age discrimmination. Can't find people, won't hire older folks
  • StarTribune Career Expo: finally got to meet @slolee today who stopped by to see her father (hiring company) and then catch my presentation
  • Off to the StarTribune Career Expo. Feeling more talkative than usual, Uh Oh. Over/under on my use of the word "suck", I am going with 6.
  • My LinkedIn guess, 3 days. But maybe shorter because Jason's site is well known and has a huge membership.
  • Clearly @sheldonschwartz and his 4 hours of LinkedIn ticket time has never dealt with LI. If correct, I will send a gift certificate.
  • LinkedIn Round 1: My email to customer service worked and I now have a help ticket. Anyone with an over/under on time to completion?
  • Ever tried using the LinkedIn customer service form? Nightmare. Maybe they should fire up their @linkedin They always seem to have issues.
  • Facebook webinar tomorrow. Jim Durbin will be on Hireability showing recruiters how to recruit on Facebook

May 19, 2008

  • @fanchatter I signed up as MNHeadhunter. Will remember to go there next time.
  • Twins: Oh yeah, Twins Win.
  • Twins: YYYYYEEEESSSSSSS!!!!! Clark with a hit over center fielder.
  • Twins: Gomez with an infield hit. Young moves Gomez to 2nd. Lamb gets the intentional walk. 1st and 2nd. 1 out.
  • Twins: Korecky, this kid is having a good night. 3 up, 3 down. Twins up next.
  • Twins: Crap to the 12th we go...
  • Twins: Morneau strikes out. Nice pitch. Cuddyer up.
  • Twins: Mauer walks. Bases full. Morneau up to bat. 1 out.
  • Twins: Another single. 1st and 2nd. 1 out. I know some of you did not sign up for baseball play by play. Humor me.
  • Twins: Korecky the pitcher has to bat and he has not done so in almost 5 years. Gets a single.
  • Twins: Get out of a big jam in the 11th!!!
  • Minnesota Twins: I broke my Golden Rule, never turn the game off. They were losing, got distracted, they tied in the 9th. Now in the 11th.
  • @StevenRothberg I thought @jasonalba would like to know you once said you would Twitter 1 time day. You are in violation of your own rule.
  • Recruiters looking for an ATS? I have used for years. Did a demo of JobDig Tracker today. Very impressed. Contact if interested
  • LinkedIn group. For some reason group is frozen at 1,000. I think we broke LinkedIn!!!
  • announces LinkedIn group. 7000+ Recruiters, let the feeding feenzy begin.
  • StarTribune Career Fair: Tomorrow, St. Paul RiverCentre. I speak from 1-2 pm.

May 18, 2008

  • Kenny Chesney wins Entertainer of the Year. Thanks everyone on his team. Then his parents for having sex all those years ago. Classic.
  • @dbrauer I send eyeballs to and but not the rest. I guess they do not want the traffic.
  • @marenhogan I thought it was a great post and anyone who goes 60 hours straight in Vegas has my respect. Mpls may not be as fun, but close.
  • Thank you for the link @dbrauer I see the Yahoo button but not a link to RSS feeds. Not always the brightest bulb on the tree. Is it hidden?
  • St Paul Pioneer Press | Do they not have RSS feeds for stories?
  • Country Music Awards: Watching, proof I like most any music performed live. Big fan of Kenny Chesney
  • New York Times: MSFT pitches collaborative deal with YHOO between their online advertising businesses, not a full takeover
  • Enjoyed many conversations with the now graduated college kids. Looking forward to tipping point when the day job grind gets old and no fun
  • Wally with the hard foul on KG. I bet Wally enjoyed that since they did not get along much with the Timberwolves. Fans chanting MVP, MVP.
  • Barnes & Noble, held the door open for a woman with her hands full. She says "thank you, no one does that anymore". When/why did we stop?
  • Silly, err, stupid Minnesota Legislators still do not have the budget done. tick, tick, tick. I say this every year, why is this so hard?

May 17, 2008

Minnesota Recruiters Featured On Ning Blog

This was a pleasant surprise and I have no idea how it came about. It is nice to know that experts in social media think what we are doing with our site is cool.

Sometimes, much of the time, I feel like I am “winging” this but maybe I know what I am doing after all. It has helped my learning curve to watch and participate in the site run by Jason Davis at

Here is the link from the Ning Blog May 3, 2008:

Sharing ideas with Minnesota Recruiters

If you are thinking of start an online group I know there are a lot of platforms one can use but Ning is far and away the best (and easiest) to use. There are a lot of tools that come with the site. It can be customized and widgets from other providers are easy to put in.

Most of all, the couple of tech support issues I have had (caused by me not Ning) were quickly responded to.

You do not need to be an expert to set this up and if you such a person you will find it a good start to do with it as you wish.

Minnesota Business, Technology, Sports, And Recruiter Blogs Added

It has been some time since I added to my blog rolls. All are Minnesota blogs, here goes...

Recruiter Blogs:

Business Blogs:

Technology Blogs:

Sports Blogs:

MN Headhunter To Present At StarTribune Career Expo

StarTribune Career Expo

This Tuesday, May 20th 2008, I will be presenting for the second time at the StarTribune Career Expo. Here is the information on my presentation:

1 PM - 2 PM -- Room A
I have a "killer" resume, now what? Tips on being your own Headhunter
Paul J DeBettignies
Managing Partner, Nerd Search, LLC

Paul has been an IT headhunter for 10 years; he is a frequent speaker on job search and networking topics and writes the popular business blog Paul will share principles he has learned that are universal to a job search through is own business and throughout his years of interaction with candidates that will help speed up you job search process. Areas to be covered include: networking, what it is, how to get started, and who to contact; effective ways of using email to introduce yourself; finding hiring manager contact names; creating your 10 second Sound Bite and the 30 second elevator pitch; tracking your job search.

There are other great presenters at the event and because I do the part after one has a resume prepared if you do not yet have yours be sure to see the presentation from Kevin Donlin who writes The Simple Job Search and for the StarTribune in the Sunday career section:

11 AM - 12 Room A
Job Search Secrets Revealed
Kevin Donlin
President, Guaranteed Resumes

Want to find the right job fast? Kevin Donlin, creator of, can make that happen for you. In this presentation, you'll discover how to create a resume that proves you are the one to hire, using the secrets of...TV infomercials. Plus, how to make your phone ring with interview offers by choosing the right 3 skills to "sell" employers. How to stop sending boring cover letters -- and start sending something else. And much more!

Daily Twitter Notes

Sometimes the day does not all to do a blog post let alone write about things on my mind or hear about like economic, political, local news (sports too).

With Twitter, you at least get some of the flavor, a flash moment during the day, of what I am thinking about. You can follow during the day or see the digest below.

I do not include all "Tweets" where I am responding to someone else, might get confusing...

MN Headhunter on Twitter | May 16, 2008 (last one first, URL's added):

  • A beautiful night. It has been so long since sitting outside, in shorts, 70 degrees, after 10 pm. This corner of Downtown is very quiet.
  • First news story on KARE 11: The weather. In a good way. 79 degrees. And nice weekend too. First one of the season. So sad to say in mid May
  • @RobertFischer I have been getting the same questions for Minnesota Recruiters. I think we have a culture of sharing, meeting, friendly.
  • Welcome a new Minnesota Recruiter friend @derrickmoe and a reminder that I started @mnrecruiters today.
  • Downtown Mpls traffic report: Why? Because it already sucks. A beautiful day and folks are leaving early for the weekend.
  • Economy: Sorry, bad news always comes on Fridays
  • CNBC: "Stealth Layoffs" Sweep across Wall Street
  • Reuters/University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers: May 59.5, June was 62.6, 59.5 is lowest since June 1980.
  • Oil: Passed $127 earlier, mid $126 now. Goldman Sachs says $141 in second half of year
  • Barak Obama speech: swings back at President Bush and John McCain
  • Minnesota Recruiters: @mnrecruiters for information on the group, events, and a place to gather ourselves.
  • Between Minnesota Recruiters, Minnebar, MIMA, and #smbmsp this was clearly the most informative week of my 10+ year professional career.
  • @GraemeThickins what a great event for someone like me
  • Paraphrase from #SMBMSP, if you want free read my blog. Pay me for implementing what you read.
  • Crap, over slept, missing #smbmsp but watching live video which is way cool. So is @cullect, big fan of @garrickvanburen

Daily Twitter Notes

Sometimes the day does not all to do a blog post let alone write about things on my mind or hear about like economic, political, local news (sports too).

With Twitter, you at least get some of the flavor, a flash moment during the day, of what I am thinking about. You can follow during the day or see the digest below.

I do not include all "Tweets" where I am responding to someone else, might get confusing...

MN Headhunter on Twitter | May 15 - May 10, 2008 (last one first, URL's added):

May 15, 2008

  • I hope my @smbmsp friends do not care that when they see me I will look like a truck ran over me. Twice. Another late, late night.
  • Recruiter friends: check out @ere_net and @FordyceLetter
  • @erincarlson Try, click About Us and then their link to
  • BEAUTIFUL spring day in Mpls. Light wind 70 degrees bright sun. Saw a bee for the first time. Ornamental trees flowering. Smells like spring
  • @ebkelly Good idea, had not thought about it. With all my thoughts about video did not think about my own. Will see if I can get it set up.
  • @mjkeliher No, they do Job Fairs 3-5 times a year. This is not for Star Tribune it is sponsored by Star Tribune through their career section
  • Kennedy Conference using Twitter @kennedyinfo Cool to see Recruiter and HR folk grasping this as a tool. And getting some nice quotes/stats
  • StarTribune Career Expo, I am on from 1-2 pm I have a "killer" resume, now what? Tips on being your own Headhunter

May 14, 2008

May 13, 2008

  • MN Recruiters: Did I miss anyone?
  • MN Recruiters: @DaveHulbert @StevenRothberg @RecruitingGuy @RickDeare @timesse @AppleRecruiter @kateklobe @erincarlson
  • MN Recruiters: @jokahn @MplsRecruiter @txaggie94 @toddbaer @Tavisd @robertstanke @jjbuss @ebkelly @ksielingg10 @ashleymonseth @ecaron
  • Minnesota Recruiter Twitter friends: Send me a DM, or email with your user name. Want to make sure I get you all in this weeks newsletter
  • NWA: Sunday a plane from LAX to Det is diverted to Vegas for "maintenance". Top panel on left wing came off. Called "out of the ordinary".
  • Barak Obama: 4 more Super Delegates
  • MN Friends: When I started my blog I created a page to help nonprofit and community orgs find IT help. Just updated,
  • MIMA event: I am attending for the first time and will only know my MinneBar and Twitter friends. Anyone looking for a Wing Man/Shadow?
  • Economy: Goldman Sachs Abby Joseph Cohen, U.S. economy has hit bottom, US economic data to improve Q3-Q4,.
  • Economy: Retail Sales down .2%. Take out Autos, up 0.5% Better than expected.
  • Fed Res Bernanke: Financial markets, credit risks better but far from normal.
  • Kennedy Conference: Wishing all my recruiter friends a safe trip to Vegas. Looking forward to updates. Hope someone leaks the good stuff.

May 12, 2008

  • Larry King: Replay from earlier this evening with John Edwards. Seems I like the people after they drop more than when they were running
  • Celtics vs. Cavaliers: I am a KG fan but that dunk by LeBron on KG wil be an all timer. And they win too. Crap.
  • CNBC: NYSE halts shares of EDS for pending announcement
  • CNBC: HP close to deal for EDS. Could be announced tomorrow.
  • New Minnesota Recruiter on Twitter, @kateklobe
  • LinkedIn: Heroine for Recruiters.
  • Announcing a LinkedIn group to 700 members today. All 7,000 tomorrow. Short term chaos will begin. Wondering how much.
  • Very wrong on many levels: Nuking yesterday's leftover grilled cheeseburger for breakfast at 1:30 PM.
  • Operator error (I am still sort of new at this). Trying again for @rickdeare blogpost,
  • Blog post: @rickdeare on Minnesota Recruiters event, I feel good about the event, but I am not nearly that cool.
  • My "get up and go" "got up and went". If you see it please sent it back my way.

May 11, 2008

  • Big, big news coming in the next 12-36 hours.
  • Politics: Washington Post has Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty as #1 VP choice for McCain.
  • Minnesota Twins: On ESPN vs. Red Sox. Wakefield's first pitch, to Gomez, a knuckleball, big miss. Wonder if Gomez has ever seen one before.
  • Minnesota Recruiters informal hiring poll: From Friday, hiring more/less as planned '08, Corp 60/40, Consult 40/60, Search firms 50/50
  • MinneBar: Seeing links to blog posts/pics. I am doing mine Mon. Will add your links to my blog post. Send links to
  • MinneBar: One ironic thing happened today. I got the buzz cut Thursday and wore a blue shirt today. Looked identical to Twitter profile pic
  • @fanchatter Very good to meet you. If I can find a way to yell at the ref's and Hawkeye fans while using Twitter and your site, I am in.

May 10, 2008

  • registered @gophers and @gopherblog. Too bad @gopherfootball was taken 9 months ago. Will connect those to
  • During the Twitter sessions and talking about noise, thinking about Gopher football and driving you all crazy I...
  • After a much needed nap and feeling a little better, time to absorb the past 42 hours. Thankfully, Hunt For Red October is on Bravo. Love it.
  • I hope my Recruiter friends are OK with today
  • My Twitter noise. One topic was how much and what kinds of Tweets are too much. Tech folks were OK with the Minnesota Recruiters stuff.
  • Minnesota Recruiters & MinneBar post event: Yesterday we have a light lunch with water and soda. Today light app's and a long line for beer
  • MinneBar: Had a lengthy conversation with a frustrated job seeker. I wonder if he would sit on a panel for Minnesota Recruiters...
  • MinneBar: Thrilled to have met all of you I have been following. This has been a blast. And Happy Hour has not started yet.
  • MinneBar: Cool, he too was just finishing his presentation. I am not the only one.
  • MinneBar: Blogging For Benjamins
  • Minnesota Recruiters and MinneBar observation: yesterday it was sort of rude to be using laptop, Blackberry, IM. Today, feel word if not.
  • MinneBar: Left for Beyond Twitter. Still Twitter rookie so this is a little above my level. Like the idea of seating chart by Twitter name.
  • Jamie's Minne Word Camp,
  • My idea for a local tech board and portal is getting my adrenaline running. Might be time to do it.
  • Minnesota Recruiters and MinneBar observation: Employers cannot find tech folks, tech folks cannot find jobs. WTF???
  • MinneBar: Power WordPress & MinneWord Camp with Jamie Thinglestad
  • MinneBar: Left for Distributed Team work. Interesting conversation including lack of women in the industry.
  • MinneBar: 7 deadly sins to startup marketing.
  • MinneBar: State of the State was cool. Nice chat with Dan Grigsby then Michael Gorman after. Also Graeme Thickens and Steve Borsch
  • Made it to MinneBar, in the Twitter session. Nice to see faces of people I have been following.
  • All of my MN Tech friends are at MinneBar. I am getting out of bed after a week of craziness. Mind is screaming to go. Body not replying.

Jason Alba With Minnesota Recruiters At JobDig

April 28, 2008 we had our first Minnesota Recruiters topic session. We were fortunate that Jason Alba of was in Minneapolis for the week and had time to speak with us.

This was the first time in a 2+ year online and phone friendship that I was able to meet Jason in person.

Here is the PR material for the event:

Social Tools and Technologies for Recruiters

LinkedIn is obviously a powerful tool for recruiters.  What about other social tools, such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs?  How can recruiters develop and execute a social networking strategy that will help them find new (and passive) candidates, engage with them and develop a relationship, enriching their candidate pool? Join Jason Alba as he shares what he’s learned as a job seeker and career management advocate, taking you on a tour of successful recruiter strategies with these four technologies.

How Jason started is a most interesting story which you can find by clicking Jason Alba’s Story.

Here are some more links for Jason:

Jason covered a lot of material in 90 minutes including the use of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and more.

He also focused on the need to be authentic and transparent. Two traits that are vital when being online and I would say should be obvious things to do but I find many recruiters not doing it.

We had 40+ recruiters in the room and feedback from the event was very positive.

Jason sold some books and I picked up six for the Minnesota Recruiters (un)Conference.

I really appreciate the help from Toby Dayton and Molly Moseley of JobDig. They were great hosts and I look forward to doing this with them again.

After the event Jason, Steven Rothberg, Rick Deare, Katie Konrath and I had dinner where I kept the group somewhat amused with my many questions including why recruiters only post on job boards and do not take advantage of other tools. Many thanks to Steven for picking up the dinner bill.

Here are some blog posts about the event:

Here are a few pictures:

Minnesota Recruiters with Jason Alba, Jason Alba Minnesota Recruiters with Jason Alba, group photo

Minnesota Recruiters with Jason Alba, Paul Minnesota Recruiters with Jason Alba, Jason and Nicole


And here is a short video from the beginning of the event:

Minnesota IT Jobs And IT Volunteer Opportunities With Minnesota Non Profits

The following new Minnesota IT jobs and IT volunteer opportunities have been added on the MN Headhunter Volunteer Page:

Click weekly newsletter to receive the Wednesday message of nonprofit needs, IT jobs I am recruiting for, recruiter jobs, and most popular blog posts of the week.

If you are using a RSS Feed click Volunteer.

Daily Twitter Notes

Sometimes the things I would like to write about like economic, Wall Street, and political news (sports too) I never have time to get to. With Twitter, you at least get some of the flavor of what I am thinking about.

I will not include all of the ones where I am responding to someone else, might get confusing...

MN Headhunter on Twitter | May 9 - May 6, 2008 (last one first, URL's added):

May 9, 2008

  • Minnesota Twins: Sports cast they were losing. Flipping through the channels to see team freaking out. Come back to win in 9th.
  • U of M hockey: Blake Wheeler to go pro. Good for him. Bad for us.
  • MinneBar Happy Hour, stopped in briefly to say hey to a couple of people. Did not stick around, already home, ordering pizza, then sleep.
  • Hour. Motivate to go to a bar? Dang, this sucks.
  • Also picked up @AppleRecruiter
  • Tim Esse, @timesse, is a Apple Recruiter. he also picked up AppleRecruiter. Tim, nice move with that.
  • 2 new Minnesota Recruiters using Twitter since the end of the event. Welcome to @ashleymonseth and @timesse
  • 70%+ were first timers. A much more experienced crowd.
  • Ran out of morning beverages. Way too much food for lunch.
  • I did not have my presentation done. Had a rough, rough draft that I used. I know the material but the PPT looked weak.
  • It rings and buzzes during the 1st presentation.
  • I "lost" my cell phone. Searched for 30 minutes. Had left it at the front of the room on a chair. Called my number with another phone....
  • Minnesota Recruiters: Have not seen the attended list, for sure had 200. Maybe not 200. Comical/unfortunate personal moments.
  • 2.5 hours of sleep. This must be a horrible dream, err, reality show. C'MON brain, start functioning. Double time, gotta get going...
  • 3:15 AM: must...take...nap
  • 3:00 AM: @jasonalba books on LinkedIn and Facebook in bag
  • 2:45 an: shirt ironed, camera and cell phone charged, business cards in bag, all I have left is the presentation. I have lots of time...
  • Son of a B!+[H printer has not been used in a while. Ink in cartridges. Not coming out. Tried the cleaning option. Did not work. 1:45 am
  • Minnesota Recruiters: Printing sign in sheet. 1:40 am
  • Minnesota Recruiters: Event PowerPoint done. 1:30 am

May 8, 2008

  • Had a very nice conversation with Susan Burns, @TalentSynch. She is doing a recruiter event in Portland in June with Recruiting Roadshow.
  • A DM from a Mpls tech friend: "Dude, did you die? Did your event list 'to do' items kill you?" Nope, I am fine. I am way behind but fine.
  • Late cancellations. I know they happen and I really do understand. But it makes planning an event very difficult to do.

May 7, 2008

  • Minnesota Twins: Livan Hernandez has complete game. Twins win 13-1. Gomez for the cycle. Beating the White Sox... priceless
  • Minnesota Twins: Carlos Gomez hits for the cycle. Last Twin to hit for the cycle was Kirby Puckett Aug 1, 1986.
  • Minnesota Twins: YEEEESSSSSS
  • Minnesota Twins: Gomez has HR, Triple, Double up to bat...
  • MinneBar on Saturday. Looking forward to attending an event and not planning it. This is my first one. Will also hit Happy Hour Friday!!!
  • Minnesota Recruiters: How does one order food for 235 people? Is there a ratio? Seems that we always have way too much with 125.
  • CNBC: Microsoft has sent "feelers" to Facebook to see if they can be acquired.
  • Wall Street: Oil up over $123. Stocks -220 at one point not -180. NASD & S&P down too.
  • Sprint/Nextel and I are about to have an ugly divorce after a 7+ year relationship. Rant soon to follow and will be Rated R.
  • Off to Oberon for a meeting with CJ Dube,
  • @GraemeThickins Friday: Recruiter/HR folk. Saturday: explore the tech side. Sunday: absorb, sleep, contain brain tangents.
  • @ecaron I think I get what you sent me was cool. The un cool in me thinks that is a lot of work, and what if I screw it up.
  • Camera: My issue is I am not a gadget guy. I do not own a Blackberry or an iPod. There, I said it. I outed myself.

May 6, 2008

  • Obama/Clinton tonight will be like Stars/Sharks the other night. Hopefully Gary gets his votes counted before 1:30 am.
  • @byteCoder Mostly I am socially moderate/liberal and fiscally conservative. Which I means I usually vote for the person I think sucks less.
  • @byteCoder I had not taken that one but I am very consistent. Was upper right corner centrist, border conservative and libertarian
  • Indiana spread less than 20,000
  • I was asked in a DM where I stand politically. Very middle of the road. If the wind blows while on the fence 6 of 10 I fall to the right
  • Kevin Garnett for President. nuff said.
  • I am looking at a Casio Elixim... I just do not use a camera enough nor need all the gadgets. Nice pics, some video. Very simple.
  • Digital Camera advice needed: Spending $250 for a 10 MP or $150 for a 7 MP. Does it really make a difference?
  • Clinton: Is she in the Twilight Zone? I hope her speech is enough for the party leaders to say enough. Maybe she has now gone too far.
  • Sen Clinton, seriously enough all ready. Be gracious, take a step back, and move on.
  • Clinton: Full speed on to the White House? Does she mean for Obama's inauguration should he beat McCain?
  • Obama wins North Carolina. Indiana too close to call, Clinton in the lead. Could this be the end one chapter and beginning of the big show?
  • Minnesota Recruiters: Seen the other two presentations and am feeling that I need to step up my game. This is going to be a good event.
  • 72 degrees at Noon. Severe Thunderstorms in SW Minnesota. Spring might be here to stay.
  • Minnesota Recruiters: Information on the event including sponsors and presentations at &
  • Cable news: You would think there was a primary going on today. Looks like nothing else is happening in the world.
  • I find this hillarious as I do most things from @powerbaby, "I have a serious problem with the worm"
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Daily Twitter Notes

Sometimes the things I would like to write about like economic, Wall Street, and political news (sports too) I never have time to get to. With Twitter, you at least get some of the flavor of what I am thinking about.

I will not include all of the ones where I am responding to someone else, might get confusing...

MN Headhunter on Twitter | May 5 - May 3, 2008 (last one first, URL's added):

May 5, 2008

  • Wait a minute, John Sumser is @johsumser without the "n"? Hey John, WTF?
  • Chris Paul and the Hornets make Tim Duncan and the Spurs look like a high school JV team.
  • Had a great conversation with @johnsumser of regarding the July 18th event. His and our 1 year anniversary.
  • @PowerBaby In my presentations I hammer on this, it is never too early to network. Start now and just think who you will know in 20 years.
  • Target: Sells 47% interest in the receivables unit to JP Morgan for $3.6B in cash.
  • ISM's non-manufacturing employment index: Up to 50.8 in April from 46.9 in March. See, I can post multiple good news events in one day.
  • ISM non-manufacturing index: Service Sector grew. 52.0 in April, 49.1 was estimate. 49.6 in March. See, I do post good news
  • CNBC: YHOO largest shareholders upset. Would consider changing the board. Would have considered $34 a share.
  • Grilling a steak on a beautiful day at 2 pm. Is this lunch or dinner?
  • My favorite Twitter friend is @PowerBaby. Every day I get a good laugh
  • Minnesota Recruiters gets nice plug from Ning blog: Very cool.
  • @jrmehle It is not. When it is announced you will likely be surprised a little that an "old" company would "get it".
  • Gas prices are "part" of the conversation for the first time.
  • Seeing many candidates ask questions about time and miles on the road to work. Gas prices are put of the conversation for the first time.
  • Citing fuel costs for employees, expansion costs for HQ's space, trying to be "green" and user friendly for employees.
  • A local large employer to go to 4-10 hours day and/or 1 day telecommute as part of recruiting/retention effort. Will be announced soon.
  • @RobertFischer I know. I only post stuff I think someone would want to know about. I am more fun during up markets and good times.
  • Oil: Breaks $120 on supply concerns from Nigeria and weak U.S. $
  • Dallas Stars victorious over San Jose Sharks in 4 OT's. Dallas to play the Detroit Red Wings. I can go to bed now.

May 4, 2008

  • Franken vs Coleman, Channel 5 poll out: Coleman 52, Franken 42, Undecided 6. Coleman gained with R's. Franken lost some D's.
  • A most beautiful day in Minneapolis. Finally it looks like spring is here to stay.
  • Gopher Football: For those not yet aware Gopher football is my thing. Hasan Lipscomb RB 4* from Houston, TX picks Minnesota over LSU
  • Garnett sets a great pick. A hard foul for sure but "legal". Likely in some retaliation for what happened on Rondo earlier. Watch the replay
  • Boston Celtics and Kevin Garnett giving Atlanta Hawks an old fashioned ass whooping. 70-34, 3:00 3rd quarter.
  • Al Franken: He paid $70,000 in taxes to the wrong state. And now has paid $70,000 to the correct states. Did he pay double?

May 3, 2008

  • @derickson Normally do not start paying much attention until the All Star Game but with all the new guys have been watching more than usual
  • Twins: Win 4th in a row. Joe Nathan 10th save in 10 tries.
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Minnesota Recruiters (un)Conference | Spring 2008

PLEASE NOTE: We have "sold out" this event and are currently working from a wait list. We usually have a few cancellations if you would like to be added to the wait list send me an email ( with the following information:

Phone number
Email address

220+ Minnesota Recruiter and HR professionals will gather this Friday, May 9th, at Best Buy Corporate Headquarters for the Minnesota Recruiters (un)Conference | Spring 2008 event.

Here is the official invite:


Leading up to our Winter (February 2008) event we had been kicking around the idea of expanding our seating at Best Buy from the conference room (around 120) to the theater (around 220) with the idea that we would accommodate more of our colleagues and have some extra space to stretch our legs.

Well, we do have more of our colleagues attending, a lot more, but we do not have the extra space. As in no extra space.

Response to this event was amazing and a little unexpected. We “sold out” in 36 hours.

Many thanks to our Event Sponsors without whom this event would not be possible:

JobDig Tracker logo




Presentations and Speakers:

Foundations for Diversity

Patti Yaritz, Principal at Divercities Research & Recruitment, President Research at Turner Management Consulting Group

The ability to manage a diverse workforce will be the difference between success and failure for the 21st century manager. From women, to people of color, to Generation X, to single parents, to the physically challenged, to gay and lesbian employees. We will explore the benefits and challenges of valuing diversity, identify major patterns of cultural differences between minority groups, and help identify the values and beliefs about people who are different from yourself.

Building a Value Added Recruiting Function

Jim D'Amico, Sr. Recruitment Manager at Schwan's Shared Services, LLC.

Information will cover the frame work and steps for transforming a corporate recruiting function into a value added business partner.

Creating and Building Passive Candidate and Talent Pools 101

Paul DeBettignies, Managing Partner of Nerd Search, LLC, Author of MN Headhunter blog

Recent industry buzz has been about Passive Candidates and Talent Pools. We will talk about how to use RSS Feeds, newsletters, email, job ads, company career sites, and social network sites to create and build relationships with those not actively seeking a new job.

Location Sponsor:

Group Sponsor:


The next event will be July 18, 2008 from 8 am - Noon, location TBD. This will be our one year anniversary of Minnesota Recruiters and we will be co-hosting with John Sumser as he makes his triumphant return to Minnesota with his Recruiting Roadshow.

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