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Twitdicted Or Are You A Twitter Virgin Like Me

If you are in the practice of or know someone who is using Twitter you are familiar with a “tweet”. If not, you may think I am referring to Tweety Bird:


(“I tawt I taw a puddy tat...I did, I did!!!” I miss old school cartoons)

My buddy Katie came up with a new word, at least I think she is the originator, “Twitdicted” and wrote about it I’m twitdicted.

I am not addicted. I am not into Twitter. I am a Twitter Virgin and I am taking an oath of abstinence.

See the deal is I am not that exciting. And if you could see what was going on in my head, what I am thinking, what I am doing you too would need therapy. Not that I am in therapy but I always joke that the color of the sky in my world is ever changing. Lots of things going on at one time and not all of it makes sense. That goes back to what have some described as my ADD/OCD.

Now Katie, she is fun to follow in a non stalking sort of way. She is way more interesting, opinionated, and fast moving than me. Click Katie’s Twitter to have a glimpse into her life. She is a (depending on the moment) wife, mom, recruiter, and in her spare time she appeases her nerdy side.

Katie is always on the move so being on Twitter makes sense or is at least entertaining.

Here is a day with me:

  • Woke up at 8 am.
  • (and then in no particular order)
  • Read.
  • Read A lot.
  • Writing something.
  • Searching.
  • Researching.
  • Spent 3 hours on the phone.
  • Spent 3 hours on email.
  • Thought about something.
  • Thought about something else.
  • Worked out.
  • More phone time.
  • More email.
  • Went to bed at 3 am.

Not very exciting, at least to me. (I am working on that 3 am bedtime and 8 am waking up thing but I am a night owl by nature and have been in a pattern that has been tough to break) But maybe I am missing her points regarding networking and being able to search by keywords. I am still working on MySpace, LinkedIn, and oh yeah trying to post more regular on this blog. Maybe I think doing a “tweet” takes time away from typing here?

Before finishing, a funny digression (at least to me)...

If you look at Katie’s Twitter or blog URL,, you will see the reference to her Texas A&M Aggies. I wish my friend had her Twitter groove on last night during the Alamo Bowl between her Aggies and the Penn State Nittany Lions.

Here is how it would have gone:

  • Pregame: “We are going to kick the ‘crap’ (insert profanity here) out of Joe Paterno”
  • End of the 1st Quarter: “I told you so. Joe Pa is too old, Big 12 rolls over the Big Ten. Big Ten, that’s a joke they have eleven schools and call themselves ten. Losers.”
  • End of the 2nd Quarter: “(speechless and pacing)”
  • 3rd Quarter: FG!!! “Coming back. Aggies will roll.”
  • End of the 3rd Quarter: “Down 10? C’mon boys”
  • 4th Quarter: “Crap, CRAP”
  • 4th Quarter later: “ ‘crap’ ‘dang” (insert more profanity) this sucks”
  • End of the game: “Honey, can you get another bottle of wine?”
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I Leave The Office To Get My Work Done

The past month or so I have spent a little less time in the office. Seems like I am getting more done away from the phone than on it.

I know that sounds counterintuitive especially for a recruiter but I have been trying to get away from nonsense phone calls and noise in general.

I need it relatively quiet to get my work done. Yes, I do have CNBC or ESPN on mute as an occasional visual distraction but that’s it. I also have Yahoo! Music playing at a very low level.

Thankfully I am learning I am not alone. I have been mentioning this to friends and colleagues and about 1 out of 10 have been agreeing with me. The other 9 look at me like I am from Mars. Maybe I am, but we have a growing tribe.

You Won’t Find Me in My Office, I’m Working furthers me along that I am not alone:

"What Mr. Judkins is doing is looking for “white space,” a term creeping into the language of work to describe a place where the actual work gets done. Desks suffice for answering phones and filing forms, but when it comes to the creative or introspective aspects of a job, desks can be uninspiring at best, or formidable obstacles at worst.

So we leave those desks. Because we can. We take our laptops and seek shelter (and WiFi) either elsewhere in the building, as Mr. Judkins does, or farther away in libraries and bookstores. "

Lately I have been doing some work from coffee shops, which is odd because I do not drink coffee. But I do like the smell of coffee shops. Weird I know. I go there doing slow times of the day and it is a nice distraction.

I like a little background noise but the constant interruption of people and the phone drives me crazy. Don’t you people, err, those people have anything better to do?

So if you have been calling me wondering why I am not answering and I have been telling you I have been on the phone maybe I have been lying to you. My clients and candidates have long been used to this “nervous tick” of mine so no, it has not hurt business.

Same goes for IM and text messages too. I am busy working and you should be too.

I do march to the beat of a different drummer.

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MN Headhunter Blog Nominated In Best Third Party Recruiting Blog Category At


Last week this blog was nominated as one of fifty-two total blogs in ten categories at The contest is sponsored by ZoomInfo and you can sign up for a free trial at

I am in the Best Third Party Recruiting Blog category with seven other blogs:

Any time I get mentioned as writing a good blog that’s good enough for me. Winning is a cool thing but to be included to the party, to have the invitation, is a good enough for me.

OK, but I am a Minnesotan and we are known for being passive-aggressive so hell yeah I want to win. You kidding me?

How do you vote? Simple, Click the ZoomInfo button above or click Best Recruiting Blogs Awards 2007. That will take you to and a 30 second at most investment of your time. You can find MN Headhunter in category #1, Best Overall Blog Of 2007 and #3, Best Third Party Recruiting Blog.

Here’s the hitch, voting has been going on all week and you only have until midnight tonight, Friday the 21st. (Yeah I know, I waited until the last minute to tell you about it.)

And while there consider casting a vote for the other six Minnesota nominated blogs (links go to the blogs):

#4 Best Recruiting Technology Blog

#7 Best Sourcing/Research Blog

#8 Best Group Blog

#10 Best HR Blog

Many, many thanks to Jason Davis of This is Jason’s 3rd year doing this on behalf of our blogging community and we all owe him a hearty “Thank You.”

On a personal note, Jason has been a big help to me this year. He calls them “phone conversations” but I call them “therapy”. He has helped me with some thoughts on starting a search firm, compensation plans for recruiters, and the start of Minnesota Recruiters using the Ning platform.

If you are at all involved in or interested in getting into the recruiting profession I highly recommend you create a profile at While Minnesota Recruiters is for us local folks has a national and global perspective and frankly has quite a few interesting personalities on it that keep it informative and lively. There is a lot of information there to soak in. Oh, it’s a free resource and Jason is a great monitor. Or as I prefer, herder of the cats.

One last piece to this post.

The blogs that have been nominated are all fantastic examples of how a blog can be used to benefit a company and/or an individual recruiter. You will find different writing styles, blog formats (the way it looks), voices (formal or informal) and lots of other useful information.

If you are thinking about starting your own blog start by researching the following nominated blogs by contest category (in no particular order), get yours started, and hopefully join us next year in this friendly competition:

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A Message To Those Using A RSS Reader To Receive MN Headhunter Content

Look out!!!

You are going to be bombarded the next few days with blog posts. There has been much I have been wanting to add but because of a few late year projects that needed my full attention never had a chance.

I will be heading to Alexandria and besides some ice fishing, catching the college bowl games, and taking many needed naps what else is there to do?

Besides, you and I know you will be looking for a diversion from your In-Laws.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes in 2008.

North Dakota Bank Empowers Employees To Pay It Forward

State Bank & Trust of North Dakota and Minnesota has the motto “Giving back to the community we serve” and has been heavily involved in the Fargo and Moorhead area.

At the annual holiday party last weekend the bank pledged $1,000 to full time employees and $500 to part time employees and asked that they give it to someone in need.

This is on top of the annual 5% Christmas bonus. Taking care of their employees and community, that’s a company I could recruit for.

Once an employee has a recipient they will fill out a form of intent and bring it to human resources. The only stipulation with the initiative is that employees don’t use the funds on themselves, their families or families of other bank employees.

Employees may select an individual cause, pool their money for a larger project or collaborate with donors outside of the bank.

The bank has 500+ employees and each was asked to submit a video by June 30th documenting what has been done.

This is part of State Bank and Trust’s $502,000 "Pay it Forward" initiative.

How cool is that?

Helicopter Parents May Not Be So Bad

As the kids, and my fraternity boys, at the University of Minnesota are finishing their final exams and turning in their papers I am looking forward to the end of the semester exchange of email with some of the parents. I enjoy the ongoing communication I have with them and for the most part it is a very healthy relationship for them, their son, and me as a volunteer.

This summer as I was speaking with the parents about the fraternity many of them said something like:

“I hope I am not being an overly involved parent or annoying you (me). I have heard about helicopter parents and I do not want to hover over him. But I am curious/concerned/ and want to be sure this is a good choice for him and speaking with an ‘adult’ helps the decision making process.”

Quite the opposite, I want their involvement.

Here is my advice as a chapter advisor of 30+ young men, hover around your son but keep a 2 mile no fly zone around him. Be close enough to help when needed but wait for the call. Let him problem solve. Let him work through his issues. And only when it is not working out get involved.

Or to put it another way, my analogy is that I try to give them enough rope but not enough they can hang themselves with.

Last month data from the National Survey of Student Engagement was released showing some involvement, hovering, is a good thing.

From the survey:

  • Seven out of 10 students communicated "very often" with a parent or guardian throughout the academic year.
  • There is more electronic contact than face-to-face.
  • Moms were the most frequently contacted support person; 86% reporting electronic contact with moms "often" or "very often."
  • 13% of first-year students and 8% of seniors reported frequent intervention by a parent or guardian; another quarter of first-year students and 21% of seniors said a parent sometimes intervened.
  • There was no difference in the educational levels of parents who intervened and those who didn't.

Parents in general are getting a bad reputation because a small percentage are going to a kid’s job interview or intervening with a roommate issue. While certainly some parents are micro-managing their kid’s life most are not.

Most are respecting the air space around their kid.

I for one welcome the involvement.

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MinnPost Dumps The Ink Barrel For The Internet

About six weeks ago officially launched.

You will recognize the names and pictures of many of the contributors to the site. It has become a bit of a safe haven for “all star” reporters who were laid off or took a severance package from the Minneapolis StarTribune or St. Paul Pioneer Press. There is a strong group of freelancers who are writing too.

The effort has the backing of some deep pockets that have funded the start up phase. As the site continues to grow they expect sponsors/advertisers to add to revenue as well as some donations to the effort.

I like the idea of a grassroots (well sort of it is) media effort. Think of it as a public radio or public television type online news organization. They are printing some daily editions and distributing them in Downtown Minneapolis but for the most part this is seems to be focused as an online venture.

Oh, and it is set up as a non-profit.

Others thoughts:


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