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35W Bridge Reconstruction And Why Politicians Suck

In the days following the 35W Bridge collapse local and national politicians were saying and doing the right things. Working together. Talking together. Promising to put the interests of the State of Minnesota before politics.

Bullshit. We should have known better. You know the saying, something about knowing a politician is lying because their lips are moving.

Bridge 'unity' fractured by politics in the StarTribune is a road map, pardon the unintended pun, of how things have gone so very wrong and why I have become so jaded with politics.

So mush for working together and yes, I do find fault with both sides.

In part:

Candidates have changed their minds and entered races because of the bridge collapse. Union leaders have brought forward bridge inspectors to decry short budgets. A transportation secretary has prompted accusations of a tainted investigation.

All in all, an impressive show of disunity.

"This is just a case study of what's wrong with government," said University of Minnesota political scientist Larry Jacobs. "Huge problem. Everybody recognizes the problem, and yet what you get is a mud fight. It's appalling."

While nobody suggests that the infighting will prevent Minnesota from getting bridge-replacement money in the end, those close to the situation acknowledge that the political clashes have made the government response seem murky.

"I think everybody is posturing to a certain degree," said Rep. Tim Walz, who was one of the other Democrats on the Capitol steps. "All too often in politics, all you do is muddy the water."

So we likely get the money in the end but until then time, energy and money are wasted. Worse, the politicians get to play their game with each other.

What a bunch of crap.

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