October 2007 Minnesota Jobs Report
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10 Minnesota Companies In The 2007 Inc. 500 | 116 Minnesota Companies In The 2007 Inc. 5000

Inc. 5000, seriously? Absolutely. What was once the Inc. 500, Fast Growing Private Companies In America is now the Inc. 5000.

The Internet era is making so many things so much easier and one of the many areas made simpler is doing research and sharing the information. (I wonder if it was even possible to do 5000 companies a few years ago)

Minnesota has 10 companies in the traditional 500 category and a bonus 106 when expanded to 5000. This list is a recruiter (or sales, marketing, etc.) dream. Dang, I hope none of my local IT friends are reading this.

And if you are a job seeker what better place to find a list of growing companies (and likely hiring to some extent) in a searchable format.

One can search the information using 11 different filters including revenue, number of employees, NAICS codes, state, and region.

What follows is the list of 116 Minnesota privately held companies with links to the Inc.com site and their research on each company.

Here goes...


Nick Ehrman

Wow. Great post, I had no idea there was an "Inc 5000."


I used the Inc 5000 list in June and sent resumes to about 200 MN companies. After that, I used the library's free subscription to the ReferenceUSA directory (business search) to research the companies that called back for interviews. One company wasn't hiring at the time, but kept my resume at the top of the list (out of hundreds) and called me a week ago because they are thinking about adding one new position. They want to hire me if they decide to add it. They were impressed by my research and moved by my cover letter.

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