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Minnesota Recruiters Fall (un)Conference Announced

Back in July I co-hosted an event that combined our local career, HR, and recruiter blogger's with John Sumser as he started his Recruiting Roadshow events. We had 138 professionals and a few sponsors for a morning event at Best Buy that was a huge success.

To see more about the July event click:

Since then there has been a highly successful Recruiting Roadshow in Atlanta held September 25, 2007 and a recently announced event to be held in Dallas December 4, 2007.

Literally within days of our Minneapolis event I was asked when the next one would be. Well, it took a little longer than I had hoped (my fault) but I have announced our next event:

November 30, 2007
8:00 am – 12 pm
12 pm – 2 pm Lunch and Networking
Best Buy Headquarters

I am working out some logistics, speakers and topics but the date, time and location is confirmed.

I did a soft launch of a social networking site using the Ning platform to help with communication of events, networking of area professionals, and sharing of information. You can find that site by clicking Minnesota Recruiters. The site is password protected and is open to those in Minnesota whose job function includes recruiting in some form or fashion.

Nicole “Wingman” St. Martin will be working on the registration page and she is changing the system we use for the RSVP’s.

As soon as I have more information I will be posting here at MN Headhunter, sending out email, posting information on Minnesota Recruiters and of course

If you would like to be added to the email list send me a message,, and include your name, title, and employer name.

I need to thank some friends who have been supporting this effort. Without them this effort would not be possible:

Arbita,, and Don Ramer have been supporting this effort from the very beginning and will be helping with some site design and marketing materials for future events.,, and Steven Rothberg will help me publicize this group and future events.

Nicole St. Martin, Search Marketing Analyst at HotGigs, has volunteered to continue being my “Wingman” and helping with the web site, event registration and logistics. Nicole writes the blog HR Search Marketing,

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Max McGee 1932 - 2007

Max McGee, the legendary Green Bay Packers TE, passed away Saturday after an accident at his home in Deephaven. McGee is well known in the Upper Midwest as an athlete, a businessman, and as a philanthropist.

McGee caught the first touchdown pass in Super Bowl history and the story has it that he had played with a terrible hangover after being out partying until 3 am.

I am writing this because I had an encounter with him in 1989. Max had been an entrepreneur and was involved in many businesses, including his own “Left Guard Bar” in Minneapolis, and as an early investor of the Chi-Chi’s Restaurant chain.

I worked as a barback at the Chi-Chi’s in Richfield, which served as a sort of regional office and one of the original stores, and had recently started slinging drinks as a bartender. I was working one day when two guys (one of them Max but I had no idea) sat down at the bar and asked for menus. The bar was packed, I was inexperienced, and the kitchen was way behind.

Not a good way to start an evening of work.

After a few minutes of him sitting there I noticed that the managers were hovering around the bar and I thought it was because we were so busy. I was “in the weeds” and the restaurant manager got behind the bar with me. That just made it worse.

This guy (Max) says to the manager (who clearly knew who Max was), “Get out of the kid’s way, he is doing fine and he will figure out the rest.” I gave him the “guy nod”, the one a guy gives acknowledging another guy, and I kept working.

They were there for a couple of hours, talking most of the time and writing on legal pads, and other than the basic bar service never had a chance to talk with them. As they were getting ready to leave I walked over and apologized for not being of better service. He went to shake my hand, said “Max McGee, good to meet you. You took good care of our customers this evening. You already have that one thing most people take years to learn, take care of the people.”

And he walked away. What he said seemed a little prophetic. I was a little shocked that some dude I had never met said that to me.

On his way out all of the managers made a point of walking up to him and shake his hand. I still had not clue who Max McGee was.

My bar manager was just starting his night shift and pulled me aside. Said, “Max wants to make sure we all thank you for a job well done this evening.” I said that’s cool, who is Max McGee? My manager put his hand on my shoulder and says, “You have no idea?” No, I don’t.

He asked if I just happened to notice the big ring on his finger and I said yeah but who cares. He started to say, “Max McGee is one of the owners of...” and I said “Shit, that’s the Packer guy who caught the first touchdown in the Super Bowl” as my manager continued with “...Chi’Chi’s”.

I spent three hours and was never more than 5 feet from the guy and had no idea. After my manager pointed out who Max was I wrote down the quote on a napkin. I wanted to remember it.

Apparently he was in town for a few days as later in the week as I started my shift he was finishing up a meeting and about to walk out the door. He saw me behind the bar and walked over and said, “Kid, don’t you ever let a manger get behind here again. They get in the way. They manage because they can’t do your job.”

And I started laughing. I asked if I could use that the next time it happened and he said, “Hell yes. You tell them Max said to stay away.”

There have been many stories about him shared the past day abut his NFL and business days but many have missed his philanthropy work including the creation of the Max McGee National Research Center For Juvenile Diabetes.

Max McGee, First to Score in Super Bowl, Dies at 75 (New York Times)

Boston Scientific To Lay Off 2,300 In Second Round This Year

13 days ago I noticed on my Google Analytics referrals a bunch of incoming traffic to a post from earlier this year, Boston Scientific Gives Layoff Notices, when the company let go 600 workers. I sent an email to some friends and they said a much larger layoff was coming but I decided against saying anything. I am not much in the rumor business.

Looks like I should have gone with it as Boston Scientific announced 2,300 workers to be laid off. Some news reports say 2,500, whatever. Unless of course you end up part of that 200.

With the earnings announcement looming, today, analysts had been predicting a 8-12% reduction in staff. The 2,500 is 13%.

Boston Scientific employs around 18,000 with more than 30% of them in three Minnesota locations, Arden Hills, Maple Grove, and Plymouth.

And here is the obligated statement regarding those laid off:

"The expense and head count reductions we are announcing today are intended to bring our expenses back in line with our revenues, while preserving our ability to make investments in quality, R&D, capital and our people that are essential to our long-term success," said Jim Tobin, Boston Scientific President and Chief Executive Officer. "While difficult, these reductions are in the best interest of the Company and will create greater value for our customers and their patients, as well as for our employees and shareholders. These actions will enable us to institute meaningful change that will create lasting benefits."

"We understand the impact these reductions will have on our employees, and we are committed to helping ease the transition," said Tobin. "We will treat everyone with respect and dignity, and we will provide support to affected employees."

Some business units had already been sold off and with that go 2,000 employees before the end of the year. That is combined with reorganizing businesses and combining divisions:

The Peripheral Interventions and Interventional Cardiology businesses will be combined under a single management structure to help create a more integrated business focused on interventional specialists, while enhancing technology and management efficiencies.

The Electrophysiology business will be integrated with the Cardiac Rhythm Management business to better serve the needs of electrophysiologists by creating a more efficient organization.

The Oncology business and its four franchises will be restructured. Three will be integrated into other businesses within Boston Scientific, and the Oncology Venous Access franchise will be combined with the Fluid Management business.

The Company is actively seeking buyers for the combined Fluid Management/Oncology Venous Access business, as well as its Cardiac Surgery and Vascular Surgery businesses. The Company has announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its Auditory business. Collectively, these businesses represent approximately $550 million in 2007 sales for Boston Scientific.

The International group will be consolidated from three regions to two. The existing three regions are: Europe, Asia Pacific/Japan, and Inter-Continental; the two new regions will be: Europe/Middle East/Africa, and Canada/Latin America/Asia Pacific/Japan.

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No Talent Ass Clown, Swearing At Work Is OK

I watch movies for entertainment, more like a two hour diversion. I can never remember names of actors and actresses. And I rarely if ever quote lines. In fact, “No talent ass clown” is the first movie quote on this blog.

I used it because it turns out swearing at work is OK so it must be OK for a blog too. Office Space is well known for its quotes, Office Space quotes, most of which happened at or are about the work place.

Yehuda Baruch, professor of management at the University of East Anglia's Norwich Business School, and graduate Stuart Jenkins did a study and found regular use of profanity to express and reinforce solidarity among staff can enable them to express their feelings and develop social relationships.

Nice, now I have a legitimate excuse to drop a “F bomb” and not worry about. Not that I worry anyway in an office of one. But I have been told I can be colorful with the English language. While true, it is usually with people who know me well and around the college kids. They sort of bring it out of me. And never in front of “new” people.

The results of the study, "Swearing At Work And Permissive Leadership Culture: When Anti-Social Becomes Social And Incivility Is Acceptable," are published in the current issue of the Leadership and Organization Development Journal. A subscription is needed but you can find more articles on the survey by clicking this Google Search: swearing at work OK.

For the press release click Survey says 'never mind the b******s'.

National Boss’s Day

National Boss’s Day is upon us once again and I forgot all about it. I wonder what I should get myself? I have been rather cranky lately and I have been forcing myself to work a lot.

Maybe a nap. On a rainy, dreary day a nap sounds good.

Oh wait, the boss just said if I take one he will fire me. Again.

After 9+ years you think we would get along better.

(You think this is weird, you should see what annual reviews are like...)

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Minnesota Morning

Writing at 4 am because you are tired but can’t sleep is one of the oddest feelings to have. Too much on the mind. Too much to do. Not enough time to get it all done.

The Metrodome was a busy place this weekend and it looks some of the neighbors are none too thrilled about it. Not so much the Minnesota Golden Gophers and Minnesota Vikings football games but those tailgating before hand, Tailgating is fun, unless you own the condo next door and Downtown gives tailgaters the boot.

Speaking of a football game and beer, I took this picture of Wally The Beer Man during the Gopher game:

Wally The Beer Man

Wally is a local icon and has worked as a beer vendor since the days going back to Metropolitan Stadium. Every time I see him at an event I wonder how many beers he has sold in his career.

If you attended a Minnesota Twins game prior to March of 2005 you were fortunate to hear Bob Casey, the public address announcer. He had one of those distinct voices. I always appreciated one of his announcements both for the message and the way he said. Something like, “There is nnnnoooooooooo smoking in the Metrodome.” And he would draw a cheer every time.

Bob Casey would have to expand that starting today. Minnesota is going smoke free. As a non-smoker I applaud this. Here is a FAQ regarding the new law, Statewide smoking ban now in force.

Poll reveals pitfalls for leading Senate candidates from the Star Tribune has Senator Norm Coleman favorable rating at a modest 52%. Not all that great but for a Republican entering an election year not so bad. But Al Franken, well known comedian and who has been targeting Coleman for 2+ years, is only at 27 favorably. That makes things a little more interesting.

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USA Women’s Soccer Team finish a drama filled World Cup with a 3rd place victory over Norway...Craig Biggio of the Houston Astros. I am a big fan of the guys who stay with one team...Brett Favre sets the NFL career touchdown record against the Minnesota Vikings today. How fitting...Cubs Win!!! Cubs Win!!! Cubs Win!!! and face the Arizona Diamondbacks in the best-of-five National League Division Series. C’mon Cubbies...

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