Minneapolis 35W Bridge Collapse UPDATED
35W Bridge Collapse Pictures

Minneapolis Minnesota 35W Bridge Collapse Part 2 UPDATED


Click 35W Bridge Collapse Pictures to see pictures from an Emergency First Responder.

Click Minneapolis 35W Bridge Collapse UPDATED for the first 36 hours of information.

I need to start a new post as the last one has become quite long.


  • This morning a meeting was held for area neighborhoods, University of Minnesota, elected officials and city/state/county departments. I was sent an email from one of the groups in attendance with a few things to note:
    • This weekend the Stone Arch Bridge and the 10th Ave Bridge will both stay closed.
    • The bridges are still being inspected. The visit from the President tomorrow would have required another security sweep so closed they stay.
    • Our police officers are on 12 hour shifts due to the disaster, but they are keeping up with regular patrols.
    • If you notice problems, call 311.
    • Officials are looking for a way to communicate with area residents about the traffic problems. As I experienced yesterday the shortcuts locals know about are being discovered by those driving to the area. More on that will follow early next week.


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