Minneapolis Recruiting Unconference Invitation
Greatly Humbled

Minneapolis Recruiting Unconference And Recruiting Roadshow Thoughts

I have received a few email the past two weeks wondering where I have been and why I had not been writing.

Between the day job of recruiting and the other day job of “Cruise Director” for the unconference I have been very, very busy. Mix in with that a volunteer stint at the University of Minnesota to help with the hiring of a graduate assistant I have been a little overwhelmed.

But it has been good. I would do it again. And it all ends at around 1 pm o Friday.

Or, 8.15 hours until the beginning of the end.

We have had only a few minor hitches along the way and are things that can be fixed if/when we do this again. And I hope we do this again.

When Steven Rothberg, Josh Kahn and I first met to talk about doing an event we spoke about doing a small event. Steven said 30 plus us local bloggers would be a good turnout. From there we jumped to wanting to do a really large event with hundreds. We realized that we should take it slow for the first one and see what the demand is.

Then I said, “But we can get 100 people” and Steven replied, “Are you on crack?”

Apparently so and it must be the good stuff.

We have been at 100 registered attendees since Monday with between 4 and 12 on a wait list all week. On top of that will be a dozen or so colleagues from Best Buy, the group of presenters, and a few from the sponsors.

I am very appreciative of Don Ramer and Arbita who is sponsoring lunch. He has been on board with this from the beginning and he has been awesome to work with. Doug Berg and HotGigs too for sponsoring a light breakfast.

An event like this is much easier when you have people wanting to help.

I am looking forward to seeing some friends I have not seen in many years. I also look forward to meeting people in person I know of but have never met.

Finally and I will have more to say about this in a separate post, John Sumser is a good guy. John has a reputation for being a little rough around the edges and maybe he is. But like most people he has strong opinions. One might not always agree with him or his delivery style but I never have to guess where he is coming from.

Personally, I like the guy. I have found him very easy to get along with.

John took a rather public beating when he was picked to be the new editor of Recruiting.com. Many have questioned his motives and intentions. To those I say this, pick up the phone and call him. You will find that he does have a plan for the site and I think that many folks will like it.

The next Recruiting Roadshow is in the works. I hope I am not announcing anything super secret but the next event will be in Atlanta sometime in November September. Oops.

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