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How To Exclude Qualified American Applicants

Attorneys from Cohen & Grigsby give an explanation on how employers can run classified job ads with the intent of not finding any qualified American applicants. Going one step further they briefly describe how to disqualify qualified Americans who do apply to an ad in order to comply with federal guidelines and secure work for H-1b workers.

I saw a piece of the video yesterday on a cable news channel, not sure which one. Apparently it has been making its way around the web the week.

While I am speechless that this is being taught I am not surprised and hope that karma comes back to get them one day.

I do not in any way condone this practice and have never, ever heard of a company in Minnesota doing this. Certainly not the clients I have worked with.

There are some amazing (crazy) quotes in the video. I am assuming the folks from the law firm are saying things were taken out of context. If so, what was the context because I cannot imagine another one.

What I really want to know is who their clients are. It would be great to shine a very bright light on them and then see if going forward they have a difficult time finding qualified American candidates because they are being boycotted.

Click Cohen Grigsby to be sent to Technorati to see other blog posts on this video and what Congress is starting to do about it.

A couple more good links to follow: Slashdot with How-Not-to-Hire-U.S.-Workers Law Firm Fires Back and BusinessWeek with Outsourcing: How to Skirt the Law.

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Let's outsource Cohen & Grigsby! I am seriously suggesting an organized boycott of ANY firm who utilizes these scumbuckets. Anyone know a good law firm in Bangalore???


That's so wrong. I'm glad they got on YouTube though. :)

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