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Tony Dungy Speaks At University Of Minnesota Alumni Association Event

I am an idiot. Yep, once again I state the obvious. I get so wrapped up in what was is in front of me the past two days that I forget about other things.


And so it went last night. I had been planning on attending the UMAA event with Tony Dungy, Indianapolis Colts Head Coach and University of Minnesota alum ‘78, for many weeks.


But then I got so focused on work that I forgot about it. That is until Jason (my pledge brother in the fraternity and who I travel with for Gopher football games) called and asked about parking on campus. I asked why. He said for the UMAA event. I said (and I apologize) for the language, “OH SHIT”.


So it goes again. I got so focused on half a dozen things that need to be done right then that I missed it. I could have walked away from most of it but I had three phone calls scheduled for candidates who had interviewed earlier in the day.


Jason sent some friends and I an email with this picture to as he said, “taunt me”:




Jason also said he and Dungy must have the same barber.


From all I have heard, Tony Dungy and Stan Freese ’67, talent casting and booking director for Walt Disney Productions and tuba extraordinaire, were fantastic.


About 2,100 were there for the dinner and maybe another 1,000 for the speeches. It is worth noting that Tony Dungy was asked to speak last fall before winning the Super Bowl. I cannot imagine how many requests he has been getting.


Both spoke about their time at the university and about how the on campus stadium played a part in their experience. Dungy spoke about the benefits of his academic and athletic experience in equal terms. Without the education he received from his coaches and his professors in what is now the Carlson School of Management:

“I know I would not be the coach of the Super Bowl champions in 2007”

Yep, so I missed it. Good thing I have good friends who are willing to fill me in on what I missed.


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