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New Office Space, Staying In UTEC, My Ongoing Frustration With Comcast

Back in November of 2005 my office space search took me to the University Technology Center (UTEC) in Dinkytown (the commercial and residential area near the University of Minnesota). It was a good choice for me then and what I thought might be a 12 month stay has turned into 18 months with more to come.


This past week we decided that they and I still like each other and I am signing on for a while longer. I have moved office spaces more for convenience than anything else. Another group needed the 450 square feet I had. The space I had was larger than I needed so I down sized my space.


The new space is smaller than I like but with spending more time in Alexandria this summer and significant time spent at a couple of new clients I can make do with what I moved in to.


Moving was fairly easy. About 550 feet down a hall. Turns out there were quite a few boxes I did not open from the last move so off to the shredder they will go.


The issue has been getting cable service from Comcast in the new space. I am an existing business customer, signed a 1 year contract in November of 2005 and been without a contract for the past six months.


One might think that keeping an existing customer is a lot easier than finding new ones. Apparently not. Today makes day 22 of the odyssey I have been on and as of yet, no date for the connection. I get UTEC (the former Marshall High School) is an old school building which is hard to wire, that I am very small customer in their big pond, and that following the merger of Time Warner/Road Runner with Comcast things are not as smooth as they used to be.


But 22 days without a connection date? How many days until I get one and how many days until the truck makes it out? Maybe they will take care of the rent during that time too. Sorry, not sure what I was thinking with that one.


There may have been a late day breakthrough Wednesday so I will wait before I start blogging angry. I promise to do an update as this progresses.


I came across this entry from Funny Business yesterday, The New Consumer Revenge Art: feelingcingular.com.


Elana always has good stories on businesses and the issues they have.


There is not enough time in a day to become a disgruntled former customer and start a site that rags on Comcast. That and the first entry on Google for comcast customer service sucks is this one, I hate Comcast…


Looks like a long list of comments from people with issues. I get that most people only post negative experiences but they all sound eerily the same.


Let me be clear, I do not hate the service. It has been great with no issues. I do not hate the people. They have been nice enough.


I do hate the process.


There are a lot of potential customers in UTEC but they continue to use an ISP that is in the building because they can get a connection in a matter of days, even if it is a little slower and without other services like cable TV.


Comcast, please help me help you retain me as a customer.


Steven Rothberg, CollegeRecruiter.com

Your closing line is much like the one that I use when I've reached the limits of my tolerance with bureaucrats. I'll say to them, "I'm trying to give you my money. Can you help me do that?"

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