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Minnesota Nonprofit Community Doing Web 2.0 With Blogs, Facebook and MySpace

This afternoon I received a Facebook invite from Hands On Twin Cities. Hands On Twin Cities started their group, HandsOn TwinCities, on May 1st. They are reaching out to the college crowd in both connecting with current volunteers but I would also guess to find new ones. Facebook is a great took for them to be using.


On their page I saw that they also have a blog, Learn, Serve, Be The Change. A great title.


They do not have just a Facebook page and a blog but are on MySpace too with Hands On Twin Cities.


I am a big, big fan of the work they do and their continual support of the local nonprofit community.


Another fantastic group is the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits. Earlier this year they started a blog of their own with three of their staff members, MN Nonprofit Blogs.


Jason Peterson

Sadly, this violates Facebook's terms of service. They are a group, NOT a person.

Now, that's not to say they can't use Facebook to connect with volunteers... but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.


Jason Peterson

Not only Is Hands On Twin Cites using Facebook incorrectly, but they are randomly inviting people to join. Can we say SPAM???

Here's what one guy on Facebook wrote...

"who made this, and how were friends selected? I don't know anyone here..."

That's sad.

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