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I thought today was the beginning of the third year of what was started as a therapy project for me. Actually it was yesterday, I am off a day. Later today I will have some perspective on the blog, me, me and the blog.


It’s official, the legislative session did end on time for the most part. Seems like everyone is unhappy and blaming the other side. I used to think gridlock was a good thing. Maybe I still do but if everyone is unhappy then maybe what they are producing really is not in the best interests of the state.


I was hoping to have some sort of scorecard for what was and was not agreed to/passed but apparently it can get more strange. The house and senate passed bills but are not sure if Governor Tim Pawlenty will sign them. To my analogy yesterday of a special session being like overtime this is like when a team scores a goal with a couple of seconds left and they need to go to the replay booth both in the arena and in Toronto.


So now we wait for the governor to sign or not.


I was going to link to some articles but the local papers last post online posts were around 1 am and it is fairly clear that they were a little clueless on what was going on. I am going to look for some quotes (the absurd ones that make it seem like they know what they are doing and that they did a great job) and have already found some.


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I was asked why I was more into the NHL playoffs than the NBA. Simple, while I do not like the cheap shots in hockey there is at least an adequate response given when one happens. If Robert Horry or Bruce Bowen were to do something similar in the NHL they would face retribution. I am cheering for anyone other than the San Antonio Spurs … Back to hockey, my cheer with your heart thing is not working. Buffalo loses to the Ottawa Senators. Anaheim is now up on the Detroit Red Wings 3-2. If Anaheim wins I guess I cheer for the Senators … MinnesotaTwins, just how many more guys can be hurt at the same time? … MinnesotaTimberwolves really are facing one of those moments in a franchise when it goes one way or another. The team, and Kevin Garnett, really need a break and get lucky enough to get a higher draft choice. Randy Foye represents the team and is bringing with him holy water from France. Whatever it takes …


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