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Minnesota Morning

Minnesota Morning

Minnesota Morning became late evening becuase I forgot to post it. More rambling and less links than usual… Starting with a political rant.


Here we are on the scheduled last day of the legislation session and the boys and girls at the state capitol in St. Paul have been staying up the past nights trying to get their work done.


Last week Governor Tim Pawlenty was talking about an extra session. (In hockey that is called overtime). These people are paid to do the work of the people of the State of Minnesota. Why oh why can they not get this stuff done sooner?


As an intent observer of politics I continue to come to the opinion that we are sending the wrong people to St. Paul. (And D.C. for that matter) I get politics. I get negotiation. I get fighting for what your personal, party, and constituents beliefs are.


There is absolutely no reason why grown-ups, most with business and/or legal backgrounds, are staying up all night on the last weekend of the scheduled session to make deals. This stuff could, should have been done days if not weeks ago.


The funny thing is, this is now the third time I have written something similar on this blog. Yes, two years ago tomorrow I started writing this blog. More on that tomorrow.


Spring has sprung into summer here in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis. We have already had our first 90 degree days and like most abnormally warm spring days they are followed by days in the 50’s. Like most people that really messes me up.


I am a stop and smell the flowers kind of guy so when a certain kind of tree opens up with white or violet blossoms, that’s when it is officially spring for me. Unfortunately the wind had been so intense for most of the past weeks they did not last long.


These pictures are from about 3 weeks ago:




I am still learning to use this little camera so the pictures are not the best. You know the saying “once in a blue moon”? I remember hearing from someone that was based on when you had two full moons in one month. Like this month:




For those new to my blog I really like to spend time fishing on the lakes. Two weekends ago was the fishing opener and easily one of the warmest we have had. And I stayed home. All of the years of wearing many layers of clothes to block out the wind and rain and I was not able to make it when the weather was awesome. Well, except the wind but that’s a lot easier to deal with when it is 80+ than 45 degrees.

My friends who were out regardless of where they went had fairly good results including an early bass bite, the opener for which is this next weekend, Memorial Day.


I started eyeing the Memorial Day weekend forecast the middle of last week. I had planned on getting out of town this coming weekend but the weather looks a little suspect, at least the first half. Memorial Day weekend (also know as the kickoff to the summer cabin season) tends to be a wet and cool holiday. I am feeling torn between getting out of town fishing knowing I will be thinking about what I could be doing and staying in town thinking how nice it would be fishing.


This afternoon I took a call from a corporate recruiter friend. She asked if I was in a bad mood and I said yes. She then made a comment about the music I was listening to. She said it sounded angry. My friends know when they call me they can figure out what kind of mood I am in by what I am listening too.


She called later in the day and asked what that mood was because the music had changed and she had notn heard that during the work day before. I was working from home and I had a replay of the Academy of Country Music Awards on.


Yeah, I have a little country in me. Mostly, I like country music live. No lip syncers and rarely if ever tracks playing in the background. Good, old fashioned live music. The way it should be. With country music you know if they are talented or not. There is no where for them to hide.


From the show: Martina McBride (the most amazing voice), Miranda Lambert (I am a big fan), Taylor Swift (finally met Tim McGraw), Carrie Underwood (American Idol gone country), Toby Keith (clearly the best looking construction worker/dancers ever), Big and Rich singing with John Legend (that was awesome), Reba McIntire and Kelly Clarkson, Faith Hill with a new tune, Tim McGraw (a true entertainer).


Highlights of the night included the tribute to the victims of Virginia Tech by Rascal Flatts, the recognition and standing ovation for the troops and Tim McGraw’s new song and the tribute to fallen heroes.


Kenny Chesney deservedly won Entertainer of the Year.


Hopefully tomorrow I will be in a really sarcastic mood and am able to report on what the legislators did at the last minute to make deals so they could go home and talk about how they did such a great job…


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