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I was sent an email from a friend in Philadelphia last week about a site in his area going live. This evening while catching up on some recorded TV shows I took a stop at Red Herring and found this article, Myspace for the Jobless.


Yep, same as the one young my buddy sent me,


I am hoping that my friend Jason Alba from JibberJobber is reading this. Seems like this is a natural partnership for him.


I signed up but did not completely fill out my profile as I was eager to take a run through the site. That’s usual for me. Sign up for something, do the basics to get registered and see if I like what I see. If I do, then I go back and fill in the blanks.


While I am not sure if the site has any value to me directly, recruiting IT professionals primarily in the Twin Cities, I spend some time every week reaching out to people who are having a hard time find their next job. So maybe this could be a place for me to focus my attention.


At first glance this could be a good idea. There are groups, forums, blogs, job board, email, calendar and more. The site looks like it just launched so few people have yet to sign up.


A site that serves the unemployed needs to find a way to get them employed. They mention advertising is coming. I am guessing that much of that will be from job boards like Monster and HotJobs and other career resources.


From the About Us page:

When we formed we had one goal in mind; to create a community where unemployed people could come together.

I hope they do come together and support each other with their job search efforts versus group pity. Some “therapy” is always needed but if users are just going to complain and feel bad for themselves than I am not sure how much positive energy the network can have.


It will be interesting to see what kind of career coaching, resume writing and other resources are brought in.


Lots of potential, many questions to be answered over time…


Jason Alba

Hey Paul, thanks for thinking of me :)

I've been watching them for a few weeks now, waiting to see what happens. So far it seems like they are getting some okay press but still don't have much activity.

I cringe to think of me thinking "I only do business with org's that are established" because, shoot, I'm less than one year old (the one year birthday is on May 15th), and I'm a little newbie, unestablished! Nonetheless, watching and waiting to see what happens with them.

Jason Alba

MN Headhunter/Paul DeBettignies


But in Internet years you are much older. Is there such a translation like dog years?


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