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Supporting The Virginia Tech Hokie Family

Like everyone else I was shocked, saddened, and left wondering after last weeks senseless killings. My thoughts and prayers go out to those that were lost, their families and friends. Also to the students, staff and faculty and those that support Virginia Tech. I was not sure how one would deal with the emotions or what to do next.


I felt better seeing the images of the candle light service. The chant of “Hokies”. Seeing them wear their school colors. Taking care of each other.


On Wednesday I was on my way to a meeting on the University of Minnesota campus and received a call that it was cancelled due to a bomb threat. I was only two blocks from campus and I could see that something was going on. There were police cars everywhere. Officers with weapons. Bomb sniffing dogs. A bomb squad truck. Helicopter flying overhead.


Fortunately it turned out to be a prank by an idiot who seemed to think leaving a note threatening to blow up half a dozen campus building was a good idea. I sure hope they have the SOB on camera and can find them.


Every year around this time I am anxious for the academic year to end. I really enjoy working with the students but it can be very time consuming.


This past week I was reminded of why I do what I do. They stand for principles. They are resilient. They have an intense sense of community. They will stand up for each other. And they will stand up for someone they have never met half a country away.


Many groups have been created on social networking sites like Facebook in the past week. A few of them are “global” and have thousands and thousands of members who are showing their support for the Virginia Tech community. Some are school specific like the Minnesota group, which has 750+.


And I am reminded how good these kids really are.


On Facebook one can find many banners such as these: 







Today was the first day back to class for the students at Virginia Tech and I cannot imagine how difficult that must have been. Today the moment of silence and release of balloons was very touching and hopefully the healing has begun.


Today we are all Hokies.



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