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Minnesota Morning

Happy April Fools Day (plus one) and no this is not some cruel joke. I am back blogging. This time unlike the last two is for good (I hope). I appreciate the continued words of encouragement I have received that past couple of months following my dad’s surgery. We are working on getting their house and land up for sale in the next two weeks.


Should you know anyone looking for a house with 2.2 acres and another 9.X + with trees, a slough, and walking paths let me know. The property is 9 miles north of Alexandria on Highway 29 (the main road out of town), between Lake Miltona and Lake Irene, two miles west of Miltona. The property likely has a greater commercial potential or small residential development than just a single-family property.


There has been a lot I have missed commenting about the past two months but rather than try and make it up I am just moving on.


One question I have been asked frequently is what happened to my March Madness predictions. I never got to them. First time since I was in junior high I did not make one up. Maybe that gives you an idea how much I have been distracted by other more important things.


I was really bummed out that we did not have more upsets this year but I guess the flip side is the games in later rounds probably have been better than past years.


For the record I had picked a final with Florida beating Georgetown and even though Ohio State found a way to beat the Hoyas just like in football I am sticking with the Gators. GO GATORS!!!


A couple of weeks ago right after that last snowstorm I received this picture in an email from a reader. I do not know if she was the originator of the photo but I am going with it anyway.







No, I was not notified of the final resting date of this Frosty the Snowman and with all due respect to him and his friends I am very happy that they are gone for the season. They had a good few days though.


March came in snowy and three weeks later we had highs in the upper 70’s as noted by this picture with some of my Deke boys, my fraternity at the University of Minnesota, and I as they had a nice Friday afternoon to lounge outside.






A few of them found it odd that a guy as old as me (36 is old to them) could be a Snoop Dogg fan. I tried to get them to understand that Snoop Dogg first made it big while I was in college and that I am not that old, they are that young. And to put that last thought into perspective their hot water heater failed late last week. The unit was installed around 1987 and at least half of the current members were not born yet.


Much of my posting the next couple of days will focus on the many Minnesota business initiatives going on, some job statistics, and a look at the H1B season that starts today.


Recruiting Animal

Welcome back, we thought you were checking out. Welcome back, we don't care that you said that you'd had enough. Cause the names are the same since you hung around. And the dreams have remained, never turned around. Who'd have thought that we'd find you, back here, oh we'll remind you. Yeah we'll tease you a lot cause your promises are rot. Welcome back. Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

Darren J. Cox

DKE Sucks ( but at least you still have a chapter at the U) Sorry to hear about your dad's health...How's your mom holding up?

I had Georgetown over Florida, but still won one of my pools.

You shoudl add Lee Odden's blog to your list..Sowada introduced us at the big VISI Gala a few months ago and after listening to this guy speak I can honestly say that I have never, ever, heard anyone talk with so much intelligence about online marketing. this guy is seriously the best in the field (and Mike thinks so too)

Hope you are well.


MN Headhunter, Paul DeBettignies


Not exactly the opening I would have used but it is good to hear from you.

I too was at the VISI open house and met Lee.

I hope you and your family are doing well.

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